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Bruce Springsteen "The Rising"
Spiegelman "In the Shadow of No Towers"
Art in the immigrant community
Spiegelman In the Shadow of No Towers 2
Noam Chomsky "Power and Terror"
Art Spiegelman "In the Shadow of No Towers"
Concert for NYC
Music in Post 9/11 World

The Fine Arts Library commemorates the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks by highlighting creative responses to the tragedy from the Fine Arts Library Collections.  The exhibit includes books, scores, plays, music and movies.  The themes include tributes, analysis, Muslim-American relations, sorrow, anger, love, and despair.  Genres include documentaries, fictional dramatizations, academic analysis, plays, works for solo instruments or ensembles, a requiem, film music and a comic book.   The material does not shy away from the controversies about the events but it does show the huge impact felt by artists working in all fields.






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