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Roberts lantern slide 6
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Roberts lantern slide-Man and Camel

Col. Leo Bond Roberts (1887-1954) enjoyed a life full of adventure and excitement.  During World War I he was a topographer in northern France and reputedly was in the rail car for the armistice signing on November 11, 1918.  In the early 1920s he undertook aerial mapping of Peru and Chile, and wrote a standard textbook on topographic mapping.  Roberts joined the American Museum of Natural History’s Central Asiatic Expedition of 1925 as Chief Topographer.  He travelled to the Gobi Desert and took numerous pictures, now digitized, which are included in this show.  In 1930, he left on a year-long survey of the Nile headwaters at Lake Tsana, Ethiopia.  He undertook as second expedition 1933-34 and wrote up some of his experiences for National Geographic.  The African weaponry on display in the Fine Arts Library was brought back from these expeditions, along with images that are also part of this show.  Subsequently, Roberts worked on the World’s Fair in New York, military bases in Northern Ireland and Scotland, and the mulberry harbors (part of the D-Day landings) during the World War II, and Jones Beach Auditorium, Long Island, NY.  The Roberts Collection—comprising papers, passports, memorabilia, and these photographs were given to the Fine Arts Library by his daughter-in-law Jan Roberts.






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