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Current Exhibits: Wooden Posts and Other African Art

vigango memorial figures

right These two memorial figures honor deceased relatives, male members of the Gohu Society. When a problem arose within the family or village, the spirit of a deceased relative who was a Gohu Society member would appear to a living relative in a dream. The spirit would mediate and remedy the problem by giving guidance to the dreamer. Two relatives would only appear when problems were severe. Information and photo at right from ARTSTOR.

Senufo House Post


vigango post

above and right The FAL has 5 vigango posts from Kenya arranged in a row in front of the windows.

Wooden African figures

above The exhibit case by the stairs contains wooden African figures

Standing Female Figure


There is a Senufo House Post located near the Circulation Desk:

Standing Female Figure Holding a Basket, Ivory Coast ca. 1900

African art on display in the Fine Arts Library courtesy of the Department of Art and Art History.