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The Art and Art History Collection (AAHC) consists of ancient art and antiquities from the Americas and Africa. The collection was formed in 2005 when the College of Fine Arts acquired approximately five thousand artifacts from the Texas Memorial Museum (TMM), and sixty objects from the Boeckman family of Dallas.

The most significant holdings of the AAHC are artifacts that were created by numerous pre-Columbian cultures and made from materials such as ceramic, stone, metal, textile, wood, and feathers. In addition to the pre-Columbian objects, the AAHC maintains an important group of Navajo blankets, and ethnographic textiles from Guatemala, Yucatan, and the Huichol region.

The collection is of interest to scholars and students with specializations that range from ancient visual to modern ethnographic studies, and across disciplines such as Anthropology and Latin American Studies. Objects are available for courses such as ancient arts and museology and for individual research projects. Through its displays in the Fine Arts Library, teaching, and research, the AAHC provides a vital resource for students and the greater scholarly community.

Cases C, D, E, L, and M contain clay figures and vessels from pre-Columbian Peru, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

pre-Columbian art


pre-Columbian art


pre-Columbian art

See also the African Art in the Art and Art History Collection and the Maya Panel.



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