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project Museum : Store

On the Shoulders of Giants

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Green Christian Collection 2

The FAL is proud to present works submitted for "Project (Museum : Store)". The exhibit is located in the 3rd floor display cases at the FAL. Initiated by 23 freshmen students in the Department of Art and Art History, as part of the course "Three-Dimensional Foundations" taught by Jiwon Park assisted by Erik Swanson and Sara Madandar, during the spring semester of 2014.

Museum stores are truly special places where one can buy unique design products, artwork-inspired products, replicas of works of art and original works of art.

The students chose an artwork from the Blanton Museum  of Art, reinterpreting and recreating it based on their individual interests, and then designed a product to be sold in the museum stores.

Museum Store case

Through exploration of the digital fabrication technology in FabLab- 3D printer, CNC router, Laser Cutter, etc.- as well as readings and discussions in the contemporary digital reproduction movement- in continuation of Walter Benjamin's "The Work in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"- the students examined the relationship between art and design, culture and business, hand-crafted and machine produced objects and original and reproduced artwork.


Photos and design by Mark Doroba