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Buffalo Gourd   Cucurbita foetidissima    
Gourd family — Cucurbitaceae

Also known as:
Stinking Gourd, Foetid Gourd, Calabazilla, Chilicote, Calabacilla Loca, Chilicoyote, Common Gourd, Wild Gourd

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Buffalo gourd can be seen in open sandy or gravelly areas, especially roadsides, in most parts of the state but especially in the western half. It is a robust, large-leaved, rank-growing, foul-smelling (when brushed against) vine that sends long stems across the ground. The large flowers (which are of two types on each plant, male and female) look somewhat like those of pumpkin and squash because they are closely related. Buffalo gourd produces a small round fruit--but don't bother trying to eat it!

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Flowering Months: April, May, June, July

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