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Buffalo Bur   Solanum rostratum    
Potato family — Solanaceae

Also known as:
Kansas Thistle, Mala Mujer

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A rounded green mound with a lot of spines and some pretty yellow flowers--that's the impression that this annual weed gives. It loves to grow where there is a lot of disturbance, especially around livestock--overgrazed pastures, stock pens, and the like. It grows almost anywhere in the state. It seems that the buffalo bur used to hitch rides with the wandering herds of buffalo, its spiny fruits getting tangled in their shaggy coats and the plants showing up wherever the buffalo wallowed. The fruits still get tangled up in the coats and tails of domestic livestock.

Dried Specimens: (click for larger view)


Flowering Months: April, May, June, July, August, September, October

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