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Spotted Beebalm   Monarda punctata  var.  lasiodonta
Mint family — Lamiaceae

Also known as:
Horsemint, Plumetooth Beebalm, Yellow Horsemint, Painted mint, Sandyland Sage

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The spotted beebalm occurs in most parts of the state except for the Trans-Pecos and parts of the Edwards Plateau. There are several botanical varieties of this species; the one shown here is found in dryish sandy soils of East and South Texas and the country between. Like all beebalms (or horsemints), the plant has a strong fragrance when brushed or crushed, in this case the fragrance of thyme. It contains the antiseptic chemical compound thymol, an ingredient in cough syrups, and was previously used at times as a commercial source for that ingredient.

Dried Specimens: (click for larger view)


Flowering Months: April, May, June, July, August

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