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Tree Cholla   Opuntia imbricata  var.  imbricata
Cactus family — Cactaceae

Also known as:
Coyonostyle, Cardenche, Cane Cactus, Tree Cactus, Cholla, Velas de Coyote, Coyote Candles

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Closely related to the prickly-pears but with round, lobed (tuberculate) stems, the tree cholla is a cactus "tree" that can grow to ten feet tall. It is a species of west Texas grasslands and deserts, and can be abundant on rangeland. The branching patterns can be odd and sometimes just plain bizarre, but the mass blooming in the late spring can be spectacular where the tree cholla is common.

Dried Specimens: (click for larger view)


Flowering Months: April, May, June

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