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Prairie Stickleaf   Mentzelia reverchonii    
Loasa family — Loasaceae

Also known as:
Buena Mujer, Yellow Stickleaf, Stickleaf, Rattlesnake Bush, Reverchon's Stickleaf

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In Texas there are almost twenty species of stickleafs, so called because of their "velcro leaves" that will attach themselves flat and firmly to trouser legs and other fabric. Many of them are quite similar in general appearance. This one is found in the western half of the state and into South Texas, mostly in open, rocky or gravelly areas. The scientific and one of the common names commemorate Julius Reverchon (1837-1905), French immigrant to the Dallas area, dairy farmer and botanist, who made important early collections of the North and West Texas flora.

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Flowering Months: May, June, July, August, September

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