Preston M. Geren, Senior, AIA (1891-1969)
Preston M. Geren, a 1912 graduate of Texas A&M, was chairman of the Department of Architecture at Oklahoma State University (1915-1922). Geren served as chief engineer for the Fort Worth firm of Sanguinet and Staats (1923-1934) before establishing his own successful firm. This collection contains a representation of the firmís work from the late 1930s to the 1970s including the New London High School (1937), Sadler Hall at Texas Christian University (1959), and the working drawings for the Kimbell Museum (1968-1972) in which he was associate architect with Louis Kahn. Geren was joined by his son, Preston Geren, Jr., in 1949.

Kimbell Art Museum, 1970
Fort Worth, Texas
Louis Kahn, Architect
Preston Geren, Associate Architect
Pencil on Paper

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