Nicholas Clayton, FAIA (1840-1916)
Clayton, a native of Ireland, arrived in the United States in 1848 and began practicing architecture in Cincinnati after the Civil War. While employed at a Memphis firm, he was sent to Galveston to supervise construction of the First Presbyterian Church. He became the premier architect in Galveston and designed numerous buildings in the High Victorian style including the Gresham Residence, more commonly known as the Bishop’s Palace (1886-91), the Adoue and Lobit Building (1890-91), and the Galveston News Building (1883-84). His work is represented in the archive by over 400 drawings.
Walter Gresham Residence, 1890
Galveston, Texas
N. J. Clayton & Co., Architects
Ink on Linen

Plan of grand staircase

Elevation of grand staircase

Detail from grand staircase

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