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Celebrating the Life

Our Landmark Library: Battle Hall at 100 online exhibition celebrates the centennial year of one of the most beloved buildings on the University of Texas at Austin campus. Completed in November of 2011, this website serves to document Battle Hall's centennial event held on November 11, 2011, focusing on the exhibit held in the reading room as well as  additional details compiled during archival research.

Many contributed curation, research, and other support toward the creation of the reading room exhibition. Nancy Sparrow  directed curation, working closely with her team of experts. Richard Cleary provided much of the architectural context for the building that would become Battle Hall, while Jim Nicar offered information on the people who shaped the building’s history. Luke Dunlap, Gregory Perrin and Beth Dodd discussed the continuing impact of this historic building. Amanda Keys compiled the timeline and tour research, and she and Katie Pierce created the exhibition website.

Special thanks are due to Sarah Cleary, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, for her comprehensive research efforts, and Steven Williams, UT Libraries Technology Integration Services, for his technical support. Margaret Schlankey, Nancy Sparrow, Beth Dodd, Cody Lee, and Donna Coates also contributed to the online exhibition.

Archival materials included in this online exhibition reflect the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, the New-York Historical Society, and the Library of Congress, as well as the Alexander Architectural Archive and the UT Libraries collections.

The header graphic for this exhibition was created from a photograph of a southeast view of Battle Hall. The original image is included in the Prints & Photographs collection, UT Buildings-Old Library, at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History.


  • Nancy Sparrow, Director of Curation, Alexander Architectural Archive
  • Richard Cleary, Professor, University of Texas School of Architecture
  • Jim Nicar, Director of Campus Relations, Texas Exes
  • Luke Dunlap, Director of Development & External Relations, School of Architecture
  • Beth Dodd, Head Librarian, Architecture & Planning Library and Curator, Alexander Architectural Archive
  • Amanda Keys, Project Archivist, Alexander Architectural Archive