Trademark History Timeline

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1. Prehistory to the Fall of the Roman Empire (5000 BCE)
Clay Stamps and Pottery
brick with letters
Roman Bricks
cave painting of bison
Cave Paintings
2. The Renaissance of Trademarks (12 Century)
  number 3 under a crown
asian characters in a circle
skull and swords
circle surrounding a star
3. Trademarks from the Jeffersonian Era to the Industrial Revolution (1788)
  Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
primitive image of a pig
Cattle Brands
container with the word rye
Log Marks
4. Trademarks in the Industrial Age (1904)
Celestial Marks
cat with bandage around head
Unusual Marks
5. The Modern Trademark (1920)
  lamp with the words atomic glow
Strength in Imagery
6. The Post-Modern Trademark (1964)
the word wonder
New Brands

Credits and Acknowledgements:

This exhibit was written, designed, and mounted for the McKinney Engineering Library, the University of Texas Libraries. It was created by Nancy V. Green, former Reference Coordinator of the McKinney Engineering Library, University of Texas at Austin, and now with the Linda Hall Library. Special thanks to Susan Ardis, Julie Hallmark, Aaron Choate and Iris Green for their patience, assistance and encouragement with this project. Please send comments to the staff at the McKinney Engineering Library.



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