Cattle Brands

The first trademarks used in America were proprietory marks, such as cattle brands. The earliest brands were given as a grant by the king of Spain.

Spanish Colonial
Flores cattle brand
Granted to
Don Juan Joseph Flores
July 1, 1762.
Provincial cattle brand
Provincial Company
Rio Grande
circa 1817.
cattle brand from Nagadoches
Recorded in Nagadoches
May 5, 1828.

Brands from Austin, Texas
cattle tongs
Simon Green
Austin, Texas.
Lazy S Circle brand
Circle Lazy S Circle
G. S. Jones
Austin, Texas
Open A Triangle brand
Open A Triangle LB
A. Bahn
Austin, Texas.

Animal Imagery
turtle shaped brand
Sorell Smith
San Saba, Texas
lizard shaped brand
C. S. Pix
pig shaped brand
E. P. Moorehead
Del Rio, Texas
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