Metal Workers Marks

Trade guilds made the use of marks compulsory. This forced manufacturers to comply to certain standards of quality to protect their reputation. Metal workers continue this tradition today, although it is no longer required by law.

Capetown Marks

Christiaan Ackermann

Daniel Beets

Willem Godfried Lotter
This mark was used by father and son.

17th Century London Cutlers Marks

Henry King

Timothy Tindall

Phillip Bowen

Robert Lister
Jeremiah Holcroft

American Silver Marks

Adelphi Silver Plate Co.

Hayden Mfg. Co.

Goodnow & Jenks

Wm. Knoll & Co.

Brown & Bros.

Webster Co.
To read more about metal workers marks, see Cape Silver & Silversmiths by Stephan Welz, The Historical Foundations of the Law Relating to Trademarks by Frank I. Schecter, and American Silver Flatware by Noel D. Turner.

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