The Chinese Influence in Trademarks

Chinese Ceramic Marks
chinese characters enclosed in a circle rabbit

Pottery from the Netherlands
Delft Marks Makkum Marks
the letters p d the word delft with additional images the word makkum with other characters the letter d with other characters
vase with blue pattern
Delft Vase
plate with blue pattern
Makkum Plate

American Chinoiserie
tea pot stamp with chinese-style characters
18th century American earthenware teapot with pseudo-Chinese stamp.

To read more about ceramic marks, see In Pursuit of the Dragon. from the Seattle Art Museum, Chinese Pottery and Porcelain by S. J. Vainker, Chinese Ceramics by J. J. Marquet de Vasselot and Handcraft to Industry: Philadelphia Ceramics in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century by Susan H. Myers.

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