The Post-Modern Trademark

During this period, the variety of display formats for trademarks is changing. Trademarks are no longer limited to words and flat visuals, but can be 3-D, a sound or group of sounds, a color, or a scent. The World Wide Web creates new trademark issues. Advertising options change. New issues concerning Domain Names and likelihood of confusion in the use of the word “net” arise.

McDonald's three dimensional trademarks registered for buildings and arches.

National Broadcasting Company is granted a trademark for the sequence of notes played to identify the broadcasting service.

Standard Oil changes name to EXXON®.

Coca-Cola®'s bottle is registered as a three dimensional mark.

Owens Corning® is granted a trademark for the color pink as used in their insulation on May 12, 1987.

Clarke's Osewez® is granted a trademark on a fragrance for use on their sewing thread and embroidery yarn.

United States Patent and Trademark Office considers the registration of Internet Domain Names.

Full text and images of trademarks and service marks are available for searching on the Web from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Electronic filing of trademarks over the Internet is made available through TEAS: Trademark Electronic Application System

More than 1,600,000 trademarks are currently registered in the U.S. This number has doubled in the past 5 years due primarily to the growth of the internet .


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