The Modern Trademark

Interest continued to rise in brand names and new products. Trademark trends kept pace with changing times. The Lanham Act shaped the future for the trademarks used today.

New trademark act is passed making additions to the Trademark Act of 1905.

Patent Office becomes part of the Department of Commerce.

Lightning bolts were used to show the power of American industry.

Trademark imagery reflected the patriotism felt by the nation during the period around World War II.

Lanham Act enacted on July 5. This is the trademark law in effect today. Its purpose is to eliminate unfair competition in marketing goods and services and to provide the owners of marks protection against confusion of similar marks. It covers such areas as when owners of marks are entitled to federal protection for infringement, types of protections available, and procedures for registering marks. It allows for the registration of service marks.

Felt tip pens were invented, changing the look of trademarks.
After World War II, technological prowess was used to demonstrate product superiority. Rocket ships and electronic coils were common motifs.

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