Celestial Trademarks

Around 1920 celestial motifs were popular for demonstrating both the elegance and strength of a product.

sphere with the words planet lite
March 22, 1921.
Electric-lighting fixtures.
  sun burst
July 28, 1914.
Medicinal remedies.
image of woman with the word tungsten
March 19, 1912.
circle with radiating lines
September 14, 1920.
image of saturn
July 1, 1919.
Wheat flour.
sun and moon
December 21, 1920.
  comet flying over mountains
March 1, 1921
star with the word Texact
July 1, 1919.
Asphalt products.
the word mars
January 3, 1911.
Pencils and chalk.
moon with stars and the word fascination
October 15, 1929.
Ladies' dresses.
the word comet with a stylized C
October 10, 1911.
October 10, 1911.
Motion picture screens.

To learn more about trademarks, see The Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and Patent, Copyright & Trademark: Intellectual Property Law Dictionary by Stephen R. Elias.

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