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Where to Find Business Names: DBA, Inc., Trademarks, Service Marks

Business names and product names have much in common, however when it comes to trademarks there are some differences. First and most importantly, product names can always be trademarked if the name does not infringe another name.

For more information on how similar a name can be: Likelihood of Confusion.

Business names can be trademarked if the business provides a service, such as marketing, legal, accounting, etc. Business names, such as Ford Motor Company, Apple Computer, Advanced Micro Devices may be trademarked, but only if there are goods or services with that name. For more information see, "The Difference Between a Trade name and a Trademark - And Why You Can't Overlook Either."

  • Ford is a registered trademark because it is the name of a company and a specific car
  • Google is both a company name and a service.

The following business directories are a good place to check for names that are already in use, thereby avoiding infringement.

You might also try:

    • Local county clerk's office for DBA (doing business as) filings.
    • Texas Secretary of State
      • Incorporation Office for companies incorporated in Texas.
      • Partnership Office, for limited partnerships filed in Texas.
    • Texas Trademark Clerk's Office - Secretary of State
    • United States Patent and Trademark Office online Trademark database

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