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Patent Search Worksheet for subject of invention searching

Date of Search:
Search Location:
Inventor(s) name:
Step 1: Description of your invention
A: how does your invention work?
e.g. Two pieces of dissimilar material can be put together and taken apart repeatedly with little effort. When together it forms a unit


B: what are the essential elements of your invention?
e.g. Two different kinds of hooking elements, one flexible and one rigid.


STEP 2: Using the Index to the Manual of Classification
Select relevant class/subclass pairs.
Class/subclass number
 index term

 tent bed

STEP 3: Using the Manual of Classification
Look-up all class/subclass pairs from STEP 2.
 Class/subclass number       title from the Manual



STEP 4: Look up each classification in the Definitions.
Watch for cross references and other useful information.



STEP 5: Take class/subclass numbers to a patent database.
Retrieve the patent numbers of patents housed in the selected classes.