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Data Sources

UT Online Databases:

Provides access to resources produced by the Center for Information and Numerical Data Analysis and Synthesis (CINDAS) at Purdue University. Focuses on the properties and behavior of materials. Involves both basic and applied research, using both experimental techniques and literature searches. Includes the identification and collection of available and relevant worldwide scientific and technical literature; the compilation, critical evaluation, correlation and synthesis of both existing and new experimental data to produce reliable reference data (recommended values); and the generation of estimated values to fill data gaps and voids.

ESDU Data Service
The ESDU (Engineering Sciences Data Unit) service provides validated engineering methods, data, principles, worked examples, programs, software and related equations on more than 1,200 specific aerospace, process, structural and mechanical engineering topics.

Alloy Center Online
Includes ASM property data, performance charts and processing guidelines for specific metals and alloys.

NIST Chemistry WebBook
Provides users with easy access to chemical and physical property data for chemical species in gas and condensed phases.

An index of selected thermodynamic data handbooks. Themodex contains records for printed and web-based compilations of thermochemical and thermophysical data for chemical compounds and other substances.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
An electronic version of the 81st edition of the print handbook. Includes several updated and expanded tables.

ASHRAE Handbooks - includes the current versions of I-P and SI editions of the Fundamentals, HVAC Applications, HVAC Systems and Equipment, and Refrigeration.

  • For ASHRAE handbooks type "ashrae handbook" in the keyword search field [older print handbooks can be found in the catalog.]

For more resources go to Handbooks Databases and the Chemistry Library's page Finding Data 101.

Free online websites: - home of the U.S. Government's open data. Topics include: energy, manufacturing, science and research, and more.


Print Sources:

Try a Keyword search in the Library Catalog, for example:

  • ASHRAE Handbooks [NOTE: we have current online access to ASHRAE handbooks via our subscription to ASHRAE Standards -type "ashrae handbook" in the keyword search field]
  • HVAC handbook