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Binary CodeThe UT Libraries have services available to assist researchers with metadata issues, help researchers find subject-specific data repositories, and provide archiving services through the Texas ScholarWorks.

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The University of Texas Digital Repository (UTDR) is a web-accessible and widely indexed DSpace repository hosted and managed by the University of Texas Libraries. UTDR is a free, secure place to archive and share faculty research output-- including data sets, and provides persistent URLs, searchable metadata, full-text indexing, and long-term preservation.

 The UTDR is appropriate for:

• individual files up to 1GB in size;

• data in its final format;

• data that can be openly accessible to the public;

• data that needs to be stored long term;

• papers and publications associated with your data files.


If you are interested in using the UTDR, or if you would just like to speak with someone about whether your data would be a good fit for the UTDR, please contact us--we can help advise you.


If you choose to use the UT Digital Repository you can use the following language in your data management plan:

“As advised by the University of Texas Libraries staff members, I plan on depositing my research data in the University of Texas Digital Repository (UTDR). I will submit the necessary metadata and other resources to make my data accessible for future users. The UTDR will preserve the data indefinitely and is committed to responsible and sustainable management of submitted works as well as associated descriptive and administrative metadata, by employing a strategy combining the following: nightly secure backups, storage media refreshment, file format migration (including possible migration to standard formats during submission), and assignment of a unique and persistent URL.”

Subject Specific Repositories

Many subject areas have an associated data repository that can be used by researchers to share their own data and search for data from others. The requirements and policies for each repository will differ. Databib is a registry of repositories and can help direct you to an appropriate data repository. If you are having trouble locating an appropriate subject-specific repository or if you have questions about one, you may contact Colleen Lyon at or 512-495-4244.


If you are unsure of what resources your project may need, please fill out this short questionnaire and we will direct you to the appropriate people and resources.





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