TACC (Texas Advanced Computing Center)

The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) provides a comprehensive computational research environment and consulting services to the UT Austin, UT System, and to the national community of researchers to help users carry out research using data. 

The suite of reliable data storage and archival systems, powerful networks, database and GIS hosting, and cloud based customizable web services and gateways designed and maintained at TACC, enable users to build sustainable data collections from megabyte to petabyte scales. Coupled with high performance compute systems and advanced visualization resources, this environment is especially suitable for collections requiring data analysis and visualization as part of their workflows to provide a seamless transition between stages of data creation, analysis, display, preservation, and access.  

Data Management and Collections multidisciplinary group with expertise in data storage, RDBMS, GIS, metadata, data curation, and data mining and statistics, works with researchers on grant proposals and as collaborators to bring comprehensive structure and meaning to their data collections.

TACC is funded by the UT System Research Cyberinfrastructure to host up to 5 terabytes of data for all UT researchers at no cost.  Allocations beyond 5 TB are also available at a pure cost recovery rate. TACC resources are also available to collaborators outside of UT, either on a cost-recovery basis or through the NSF XSEDE national cyberinfrastructure program. To see a comprehensive list of computational resources and services at TACC, click here.


For those seeking HIPAA/FISMA compliance , TACC is able to accept HIPAA compliant data sets on selected resources. For more information please go here.

For more information visit www.tacc.utexas.edu or email data@tacc.utexas.edu

If you are unsure of what resources your project may need, please fill out this short questionnaire and we will direct you to the appropriate people and resources.