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At the University of Texas at Austin, faculty, researchers, and students across all disciplines are engaged in research  projects that use, gather, and/or create data. To help in the development and stewardship of research data, a multidisciplinary team including UT Libraries, TACC and ITS are offering resources and consulting to UT researchers in all disciplines that are using and/or creating data.

Data management resources at UT

DMPTool: an easy to use template for creating your data management plan.

Funding agency requirements

Contact email:

Data Management Resources at UT

UT Digital Repository for archiving datasets under 1GB, and papers and publications associated with data.

Information Technology Services offers data management services and hardware to support grant writing and research activities.

Texas Advanced Computing Center offers computational and storage resources suitable for terabyte and petabyte scale collections.

The Office of Sponsored Projects serves as the coordinating office for externally funded research and sponsored projects and can answer questions about the process of submitting grant proposals.

Other resources at UT

Managing Your Data

Medical Data

What does data management involve?

There are many aspects to managing your data and it can be a bit overwhelming to think of them as a whole. This section explains the different issues related to data management and provides links to resources and additional information.

Data Management Plans and Templates

Leaf detailWhat is a data management plan (DMP)?

A data management plan will help you to properly manage your data for your own use, meet funder requirements, and enable data sharing in the future. A DMP describes the structure and nature of the data as well as the activities and technical requirements to gather, merge, transfer, organize, document, analyze and preserve research data.

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