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The Classics Library prides itself in having one of the best classical studies collections in the world. Founded in 1966, we maintain a collection of nearly 30,000 volumes and 180 journal subscriptions. We have a large collection of non-English language materials including materials in Latin, Greek, Italian, German and French. Some of our journals—as well as many books on the subject appropriate for undergraduate research—are located at the Perry Castañeda Library.

The library has a strong collection focusing on classical philology, Greek and Latin literature, Greek and Roman history and classical civilization, including art, archaeology, epigraphy, and numismatics. The reference room houses many of the major encyclopedias and reference works including the Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG), L'Annee Philologique, as well as both the old and new Paulys and Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae. We also have many other Greek and Latin lexicons, dictionaries and major collections of Greek and Latin inscriptions such as Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum and Inscriptiones Graecae.

Our general collection books are shelved in the open stacks include Greek and Roman Literature, Greek and Roman civilization, history, law, philosophy, economics, military history and social history. Our collection also includes most of the volumes in the Loeb, Oxford Classical Texts, Budé and Teubner collections. The closed stacks contain art and archaeology holdings, including sculpture, painting, ceramics, architecture and numismatics, with a full set of the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum.

The library subscribes to most of the major journals in classical studies. Current issues are available for reading in the library and can be found in the reference room. Bound back copies are housed in the open and closed stacks or at the Perry Castañeda Library. All bound periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title in the Classics Library.

Search for journals and other library resources in the library catalog. If you are unable to locate a specific journal in the library catalog, please contact our staff for assistance. We also have a complementary printed database of our periodical holdings.



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