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Find the heat of vaporization of 1,2-xylene at 400° K.

  1. Connect to DIPPR. (Link is to protected page with login and password. You can use Ctrl-click to open a separate browser window to follow along here.) Points of interest about DIPPR:
    • The database provides evaluated and reliable experimental data and correlations of temperature-dependent properties for over 1800 important pure chemicals.
    • DIPPR stands for Design Institute for Physical Properties, Project 801, and is now part of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).
  2. Choose the type of search you want to do: name, property, or formula. The name button is a good place to start. Here you can enter a name or a CAS Registry Number. To see a list of xylene variants, choose "Contains search string" and just type "xylene".

    search form
  3. Select the desired name from the results list. Note that 1,2-xylene and o-xylene are one and the same.


    The initial page of the record contains property constants. To view temperature-dependent properties such as heat of vaporization, click the temperature dependent button button.

  4. The temperature-dependent table lists the properties available, the equation parameters and coefficients, etc. Click on the property name to open the data tables.

  5. Data from various sources are tabulated separately, and color-coded according to the evaluated quality.* Data in blue are the accepted references and should be preferred.

  6. You can graph desired data sets if you like. Just click on the graphing link above the tables. Select the datasets to include in your graph and click Change graph.

  7. Reference format for your reports or papers:
    DIPPR Chemical Database [Online]; (accessed Nov 7, 2009).
    (Don't copy the entire URL of a specific page or data table as this will not work for others. Just use the base URL.)

* To learn more about how DIPPR evaluates thermodynamic property data for accuracy, you can watch short videos on their evaluation basics and systems evaluation methods.

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