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CRC handbook

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

Find azeotropic data for the binary system of chloroform and acetone.

  1. Here's another example of a CRC Handbook search but with a couple of twists. First, it's a binary mixture of two compounds rather than a single substance. Fortunately, the search method is pretty much the same. But there's another wrinkle: if you search the trivial name chloroform in this context, you get no hits. If you were to stop here, you'd fail to find the data. This is a perfect example of the problem with searching chemical names. Chloroform, it turns out, is more accurately named trichloromethane. Use that instead (or its formula CHCl3), and you get the hit you need.
  2. Again you should use the Structure/Property Search form.

    CRC property search
  3. The resulting interactive table has 9 lines where trichloromethane is a component in an azeotropic mixture. One of those is with acetone.

    CRC results
  4. To interpret the table data, you may need to view the PDF version of the entire handbook section, which contains an explanatory introduction and source references.

    preface   ... legend

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