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Abbreviations (Journal) -- see CASSI in: Journals
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ACS Journals Supporting Information/Supplementary Materials -- see Journals
ACS Meetings Abstracts -- see Conferences & Symposia
Analytical chemistry
Analytical methods (including EPA) -- see Analytical Chemistry Subject Guide
Ask a Question (email form)
Beilstein -- see Reaxys
Beilstein, Friedrich K. (biography)
Beilstein Handbook (printed)
Biochemistry databases
Biographies of chemists
Book Purchase Request
Cambridge Structural Database -- see Crystallography (Subject Guide)
Careers in chemistry
CASSI -- see Journals
Chemical Abstracts (Printed)
Chemical Abstracts (SciFinder)
Chemical Engineering (Subject Guide)
Chemical Engineering Economics (Subject Guide)
Chemical market profiles (ICIS)
Chemical Prices -- see Chemical Engineering Economics
Chemical supplier catalogs
Chromatography -- see Analytical Chemistry
Circulation Information
Citation Counting
Citation Indexes
Citation Management
Collections -- see About the Library
Computer workstations in the library
DIPPR -- see Thermodynamic Information
Dissertations (non-UT) -- see Document Delivery
Document Delivery Services
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Electrochemistry (Subject Guide)
Electronic Journals
Endowment funds
Environmental Information
Extinction coefficients -- see Molar absorption coefficients
Floor Plan
Genealogy (Faculty)
General & Basic Chemistry (Subject Guide)
Giving to the Library
Gmelin -- see Reaxys
Gmelin Handbook (printed)
h-index -- see Citation Counting
Hazardous Materials and Safety Information
Historical (pre-1907) literature searching
History of the Chemistry Dept.
History of the Chemistry Library
Houben-Weyl -- see Science of Synthesis
Impact Factors (Journals)
Inorganic Chemistry (Subject Guide)
Journals in the Library
Laboratory safety resources
Landolt-Börnstein Handbook
Library Catalog
Location -- see About the Library
Mallet, John W. - Biography
Merck Index -- see General & Basic Chemistry
Molar absorption coefficients
Name(d) reactions -- see Organic Chemistry Guide
New Users: Getting Started
Nomenclature - Organic
Nuclides (tables) -- see Periodic Tables
Organic Chemistry (Subject Guide)
Pathfinders and Subject Guides
Periodic Tables
Phone Number -- see About the Library
Polymers (Subject Guide)
Preprints and abstracts (ACS) -- see Conferences & Symposia
Prices of chemicals -- see Chemical Engineering Economics
Properties, Chemical/Physical (Printed) -- see ThermoDex
Properties, Chemical/Physical
Purchase Request (books)
Renewing Books
Registry Database -- see SciFinder Information
Registry Numbers
Regulatory data -- see Safety and Health Information
Sadtler Spectra Collections
Science Citation Index (about)
Science of Synthesis (about)
SciFinder - General Information
SciFinder - Help and FAQ
Skinner, Aubrey -- see History of the Library; Endowments
Spectra & Spectral Data
Staff -- see About the Library
Style Guides
Supporting Information / Supplementary Materials (ACS Journals) -- see Journals
Technical reports
ThermoDex (locating thermodynamic data)
Thermodynamic Information (Subject Guide)
Trade names
Translation journals (from Russian) -- see Journals
Unit converters (online)
Welch Hall
Welch Hall (History)


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