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Current UT-Austin students, faculty and staff can search SciFinder from any computer that has a properly configured web browser and that is connected to or proxied through the campus network.

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SciFinder Mobile

CAS offers a mobile version of SciFinder optimized for use with your mobile browser. (Note: You can't do structure searches and there are no links to full text.) For more information, visit CAS' mobile page. To connect, point your phone's browser to this URL: and log in with your SciFinder ID and password.

What Is SciFinder?

SciFinder is the best place to start your search for research-level chemical information. It provides integrated, user-friendly web access to these Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) databases, plus Medline:
Chemical Abstracts (CAPLUS)
comprehensive indexing of chemical literature, 1907-present
chemical structures; names, synonyms; CAS Registry Numbers; calculated and experimental properties and spectra
commercial availability of chemicals
regulatory information on chemicals
single and multistep organic reactions, 1840-present
generic Markush structures from patents, 1961-present
biomedical literature, 1946-present

SciFinder News

ChemZent Button - Info only

CAS has added a machine-translated version of the Chemisches Zentralblatt database to the SciFinder interface. At this time we have no plans to add access to this historical literature abstracting service, due to cost. The button just takes you to an informational page. If you need to find older (largely pre-WWII) chemical literature beyond the coverage of SciFinder, consult the Historical Literature guide for more information.

screen snap of CZ button

What happened to the Full Text links?

CAS has changed the Full Text links to the phrases "Other Sources" and "Link to Other Sources" on non-patent brief and full record displays, respectively. They still work the same way though.

Brief display:
screen snap of other sources button

Full record display:
screen snap of other sources button

What is PatentPak?

PatentPak is an add-on workflow tool recently launched within SciFinder to enhance access to and analysis of full text patent documents. At present we have no plans to add PatentPak, due to its cost. All user accounts receive five free uses as a trial.

To promote PatentPak CAS has made cosmetic changes to the SciFinder interface that can cause confusion. In the brief reference display for patents, only the PatentPak link is shown, making it appear that no full text is available to you. But if you open the detailed display for that reference by clicking the title, you will see the "Link to Other Resources" link to free full text via USPTO or Espacenet.


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For more information about SciFinder at UT-Austin, including questions about access, contact the Chemistry Library by email or phone 512-495-4600.


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