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ALERT: Mallet Library Closed for WEL Renovation

The Mallet Chemistry Library is moving out for the duration of the upcoming Welch Hall renovation project. See our closing page for details on how to access our materials and services while we're away.

Unpaywall: a new plugin that finds free versions of paywalled articles

This cool new plugin (from Impactstory) for Firefox and Chrome finds open access full text of articles that are otherwise behind subscription paywalls. The open versions are deposited by authors in various repositories as part of the "Green OA" movement to provide wider - and legal - access to content that is locked away by publishers. The success rate of this plugin is a remarkable 50% or so. [4/11/17]

New Reaxys Interface

The new Reaxys interface is a totally redesigned search experience. There's also expanded literature and patent coverage. It's still a work in progress. Try it out via the "New Reaxys" button when you connect. The old interface is scheduled to be retired in May 2017, so now's the time to get familiar with the new version. [rev. 4/10/17]

ACS Articles Now Show Altmetric "Attention Scores"

ACS Publications has partnered with Altmetric, a commercial metrics platform that provides authors with a single view of online activity, to display an "attention score" on all articles published in ACS research journals. Altmetric tracks a variety of sources, including social media, traditional media (both mainstream and science specific), online reference managers, forums and Wikipedia. The information is aggregated to produce a qualitative measure of the quality and quantity of attention received by an article. (Read more about how the score is calculated.) In addition, articles now also show a count of total online views from the ACS platform. [1/19/17]

C&EN is now C&EN Global Enterprise

The news magazine of the ACS has moved into the platform for all the ACS research journals and has been rebranded. This merges the front file of current issues with the historical archive and puts all the content in one place at last. We have full text access back to 1923. [1/15/17]

ACS and RSC Sign ORCID Integration Letter

By becoming signatories to the ORCID Open Letter, these two major chemical society publishers announce their intent to collect ORCID iDs for all submitting authors through use of the ORCID API, and to display such identifiers in the articles published in their respective journals. The integration of such activities within the publishers' workflows means authors will benefit from automated linkages between their ORCID record and unique identifiers embedded within their published research articles, ensuring their contributions are appropriately recognized and credited. [11/29/16]

Concise handbook of analytical spectroscopy. 4 vols.
QD 95 W67 2017 Stacks
Purchased with funds from the Skinner Endowment.

Encyclopedia of spectroscopy and spectrometry. 3rd ed. 4 vols.
QD 95 E55 2017 Spectra
Purchased with funds from the Skinner Endowment.

The Nature of the mechanical bond.
QD 461 B84 2017 Stacks

Lange's handbook of chemistry. 17th ed.
QD 65 L36 2016 Reference

The Chemistry of metal-organic frameworks : synthesis, characterization and applications. 2 vols.
QD 882 C453 2016 Stacks

Introduction to process safety for undergraduates and engineers.
TP 150 S24 I585 2016 Stacks

Combustion thermodynamics and dynamics.
QD 516 P667 2016 Stacks

Bioorganic synthesis : an introduction.
QD 262 M744 2016 Stacks

Isotopes : a very short introduction.
QD 466.5 E45 2016 Stacks

Understanding wine chemistry.
TP 548.5 A5 W38 2016 Stacks

Photocatalysis : applications.
QD 716 P45 P36 2016 Stacks

Crystallography : a very short introduction.
QD 905.2 G539 2016 Stacks

High-resolution NMR techniques in organic chemistry. 3rd ed.
QD 272 S6 C53 2016 Stacks

Introduction to heterogeneous catalysis.
QD 505 P744 2016 Stacks

Introduction to photocatalysis : from basic science to applications.
QD 716 P45 N58 2016 Stacks

Innovators in battery technology : profiles of 93 influential electrochemists.
QD 21 D47 2016 Stacks

Introduction to applied colloid and surface chemistry.
QD 506 K645 2016 Stacks

Analytical separation science. 5 vols.
QD 79 C4 A53 2015 Stacks

Hydroformylation : fundamentals, processes, and applications in organic synthesis. 2 vols.
QD 281 H79 B67 2016 Stacks

Structural DNA nanotechnology.
TP 248.25 N35 S77 2015 Stacks

Tautomerism : concepts and applications in science and technology.
QD 471 T375 2016 Stacks

Principles of NMR spectroscopy : an illustrated guide.
QD 96 N8 G625 2016 Stacks

Organometallic chemistry.
QD 411 S65 2016 Reserves

Location Key:
  • Reference -- in our Reference Collection (on walls)
  • Handbook Table -- in the Reference area.
  • Stacks -- in our Book Stacks (after initial period on New Book Shelf)
  • Reserves -- ask at the Circulation Desk (limited checkout)
  • Spectra -- in our Spectra Collection (northeast corner)

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