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When is Piracy Ethical?

Over 200,000 articles are downloaded every day from Sci-Hub, a "flamboyantly illegal" site in Russia that has amassed over 47 million journal articles and 1.5 million books by "borrowing" credentials from people at thousands of subscribing institutions - including UT Austin. This essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education wonders how ethical this approach is given the almost complete dysfunction of the modern scholarly publishing system and the glaring inequities it has spawned in one's access to needed information. (Ironically yet predictably, the article is behind a paywall, and restricted to UT readers.) [9/10/16]

ACS to Launch Preprint Server - ChemRxiv

"ChemRxiv is expected to follow the established models of arXiv in physics and bioRxiv in the life sciences by enabling researchers working across diverse areas of inquiry to share early results and data with their scientist-colleagues ahead of formal peer review and publication. Preprints are fully citable and are freely accessible preliminary communications, aimed to advance the pace of scientific discovery and information dissemination." (from Press Release) [8/10/16]

New Journals: ACS Energy Letters, ACS Omega


Photocatalysis : applications.
QD 716 P45 P36 2016 Stacks

Crystallography : a very short introduction.
QD 905.2 G539 2016 Stacks

High-resolution NMR techniques in organic chemistry. 3rd ed.
QD 272 S6 C53 2016 Stacks

Introduction to heterogeneous catalysis.
QD 505 P744 2016 Stacks

Introduction to photocatalysis : from basic science to applications.
QD 716 P45 N58 2016 Stacks

Innovators in battery technology : profiles of 93 influential electrochemists.
QD 21 D47 2016 Stacks

Introduction to applied colloid and surface chemistry.
QD 506 K645 2016 Stacks

Analytical separation science. 5 vols.
QD 79 C4 A53 2015 Stacks

Hydroformylation : fundamentals, processes, and applications in organic synthesis. 2 vols.
QD 281 H79 B67 2016 Stacks

Structural DNA nanotechnology.
TP 248.25 N35 S77 2015 Stacks

Tautomerism : concepts and applications in science and technology.
QD 471 T375 2016 Stacks

Principles of NMR spectroscopy : an illustrated guide.
QD 96 N8 G625 2016 Stacks

Organometallic chemistry.
QD 411 S65 2016 Reserves

From biosynthesis to total synthesis : strategies and tactics for natural products.
QD 415 F76 2016 Stacks

Basic principles of analytical ultracentrifugation.

The Chemistry book : from gunpowder to graphene, 250 milestones in the history of chemistry.
QD 11 L558 2016 Stacks

Time-resolved mass spectrometry : from concept to applications.
QD 96 M3 U73 2016 Stacks

Principles of thermal analysis and calorimetry.
QD 79 T38 P75 2016 Stacks

X-ray absorption and x-ray emission spectroscopy : theory and applications. 2 vols.
QD 96 X2 X1924 2016 Stacks

Asymmetric Bronsted acid catalysis.
QD 281 C3 R84 2016 Stacks

Fieser's reagents for organic synthesis, vol.28
QD 262 F5 v.28 Reference

A world from dust : how the periodic table shaped life.
QD 467 M37 2016 Stacks

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  • Reference -- in our Reference Collection (on walls)
  • Handbook Table -- in the Reference area.
  • Stacks -- in our Book Stacks (after initial period on New Book Shelf)
  • Reserves -- ask at the Circulation Desk (limited checkout)
  • Spectra -- in our Spectra Collection (northeast corner)

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