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How Much Do Universities Really Pay for Journals?

journal price plot
A new study in PNAS evaluated the secret license agreements of many large universities and the prices they paid in 2009 for large bundles of publisher-based journals. The results, while dated and somewhat confusing, show that price disparity is very significant depending on a library's ability to negotiate the "big deals." But the devil as always is in the details, and it is tremendously difficult to make direct comparisons across institutions. A piece in Science explains further. [6/20/14]

CSD 2014 Software Available

The 2014 version of the Cambridge Structural Database software package is available for checkout and on-campus installation. Ask for the DVD box at the service desk. [4/20/14]

New Journals: ACS Photonics and Environmental Science: Nano

ACS and RSC have launched yet more new journals in 2014. [2/8/14]

New Scanning Station

The Chemistry Library now has a "KIC" scanning station, located in the copier alcove in the center of the library. You can make free scans of anything using the book-friendly platform and a high-resolution overhead camera. No more waiting for a flatbed scanner at one of our always-occupied workstations! Instructions for use are here. NOTE: Until we get a new network connection installed, the station only saves to a USB drive. Email and print options will come soon. [1/14/14]

Encyclopedia of polymer science and technology. 4th ed. 15 vols.
TP 1110 E53 2014 Reference
Purchased with funds from the Skinner Endowment.

Hollywood chemistry : when science met entertainment.
QD 1 A447 v.1139 Stacks

Graphene : properties, preparation, characterisation and devices.
QD 181 C1 G728 2014 Stacks

Handbook of liquid crystals. 2nd ed. 8 vols.
QD 923 H37 2014 Stacks
Purchased with funds from the Skinner Endowment.

Wiley's English-Spanish Spanish-English chemistry dictionary. 2nd ed.
QD 5 K294 2014 Reference

Metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions and more. 3 vols.
QD 262 D53 2014 Stacks
Purchased with funds from the Boggs Endowment.

Handbook of polymer crystallization.
QD 382 C78 H36 2013 Stacks

Mass spectrometry for the novice.
QD 96 M3 G74 2014 Stacks

Chitin and chitosan derivatives.
QP 702 C5 C473 2014 Stacks

Colloid and surface chemistry : a laboratory guide for exploration of the nano world.
QD 506 B73 2014 Stacks

Nomenclature of organic chemistry : IUPAC recommendations and preferred names 2013.
QD 291 I57 2014 Reference
Purchased with funds from the Skinner Endowment.

Advances in organometallic chemistry and catalysis.
QD 410 A39 2014 Stacks

Ideas of quantum chemistry. 2nd ed.
QD 462 P54 2014 Stacks

The Chemistry of beer : the science in the suds.
TP 577 B35 2013 Reserves

Catalytic oxidation reagents.
QD 262 E532 v.14 Stacks

Scaffold hopping in medicinal chemistry.
RS 403 S33 2014 Stacks

Problem solving in enzyme biocatalysis.
TP 248.65 E59 I45 2014 Stacks

Comprehensive enantioselective catalysis. 3 vols.
QD 505 E525 2013 Stacks
Purchased with funds from the Boggs Endowment.

Comprehensive inorganic chemistry II. 9 vols.
QD 151.3 C642 2013 Reference
Purchased with funds from the Skinner Endowment.

Encyclopedia of membrane science and technology. 3 vols.
TP 159 M4 E48 2013 Stacks
Purchased with funds from the Boggs Endowment.

Handbook of olive oil : analysis and properties. 2nd ed.
TP 683 H36 2013 Stacks

Diversity-oriented synthesis.
QD 262 D58 2013 Stacks

Contemporary carbene chemistry.
QD 305 H7 M67 2014 Stacks

Early days of X-ray crystallography.
QD 945 A798 2013 Stacks

Bioconjugate techniques. 3rd ed.
QP 517 B49 H47 2013 Stacks

Analytical chemistry for technicians. 4th ed.
QD 75.22 K446 2014 Stacks

Location Key:
  • Reference -- in our Reference Collection (on walls)
  • Handbook Table -- in the Reference area.
  • Stacks -- in our Book Stacks (after initial period on New Book Shelf)
  • Reserves -- ask at the Circulation Desk
  • Spectra -- in our Spectra Collection (northeast corner)

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