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Ultraviolet and Visible Spectra

All titles are located in the Spectra section unless otherwise indicated.

Absorption spectra in the ultraviolet and visible region. organics recommended resource
QC 459 A37 (Academic Press, 1961-82)
24 volumes were published covering novel organic compounds. Each data sheet has a graphical plot by log ε and corresponding data table. Cumulative index volumes for 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20. Edited by L. Lang.

Atlas of protein spectra in the ultraviolet and visible regions. biologicals
QC 463 P7 K5 1972 (2 vols., IFI/Plenum, 1972-74)
Indexes by name and source.

Atlas of spectral data and physical constants for organic compounds. organics
see entry in GENERAL SOURCES section.

Handbook of data on organic compounds. (HODOC) organics
see entry in GENERAL SOURCES section.

Handbook of ultraviolet and visible absorption spectra of organic compounds. organics
QC 462.85 H5 1967 (Plenum, 1967)
Part 1 is a table of absorption maxima arranged by chemical structure of the absorbing chromophore. Part 2 is the same list arranged by absorption maximum. Data include compound name, solvent, λmax, log ε, and a reference code. No indexes.

Organic electronic spectral data. organics
QC 459 O64 (Wiley, 1946-89)
Annual index of UV-visible spectra of organic compounds published in the journal literature. Compounds are arranged in Hill formula order and show UV max and log ε with a literature reference. Every volume must be consulted unless you already know the year of publication.

Sadtler Ultraviolet Spectra organics recommended resource

Sigma-Aldrich handbook of stains, dyes and indicators. organics recommended resource
QD 77 G73 1990 Reference (Aldrich Chemical Co., 1990.)
Alphabetical handbook of 525 common stains and indicators, with λmax and UV spectra. Indexed by name/synonym, CAS RN, λmax, C.I. number.

Tables of spectrophotometric absorption data of compounds used for the colorimetric determination of elements. inorganics
QD 113 I55 (IUPAC/Butterworths, 1963.)
UV data on elements. Each entry contains: anion or cation formula, colorimetric reagent(s), formula of the colored complex, medium, absorption spectrum, extinction coefficient, Beer's Law range, experimental procedure, interferences, and references.

TRC spectral data: ultraviolet. organics recommended resource
QC 459 A45 1945-84 (10 vols., Thermodynamics Research Center, 1945-84; 1985-99)
UV spectra from the Thermodynamics Research Center Hydrocarbon Project. Formula indexes in each vol. 5.

Ultraviolet and visible absorption spectra. organics inorganics recommended resource
QC 459 H47 (3 vols., Academic Press, 1956-66)
Index of otherwise hard-to-find UV/visible spectra published in 27 major journals between 1930 and 1963. Nomenclature in the index is irregular; the odd journal abbreviations used are defined in the introduction. A * next to a reference indicates a UV spectrum 200-350 mμ (may also include visible portion); ** indicates a vacuum UV spectrum below 200 mμ (may also include UV-VIS regions); no asterisk indicates visible region, 350-800 mμ. Compiled by H.M. Hershenson.

Ultraviolet spectra of aromatic compounds. organics
QC 459 F7 1951 Spectra (Wiley, 1951)
600 spectra plotting log ε by wavelength in Angstroms. Indexed by name and formula.

UV-VIS atlas of organic compounds. organics recommended resource
QC 462.85 P47 1992 (2nd ed., VCH, 1992)
Name and formula and R-number indexes in vol.2. (Revision of the UV atlas of organic compounds that was published in looseleaf from 1966-71.) Compiled by H.-H. Perkampus.


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