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Other Spectral Data

Atlas of electron spin resonance spectra. organics
QC 763 A85 1967 (Academic, 1967)
Index by chemical name.

Electronic absorption spectra of radical ions. organics
QC 454 A2 S55 1988 (Elsevier, 1988)
Index by molecular formula.

Handbook of Auger electron spectroscopy. 2nd ed. inorganics
QC 454 E4 H36 1976 (Physical Electronics, 1976)
AES spectra of the elements in atomic number order.

Handbook of fluorescence spectra of aromatic molecules. organics
QC 463 H9 B4 1971 (I.B. Berlman, ed.; 2nd ed., Academic Press, 1971)
Fluorescence (emission) and absorption characteristics, graphing photon intensity and molar absorption coefficients, of 200 compounds. Name and formula indexes.

Handbook of monochromatic XPS spectra. inorganics polymers
QC 482 S6 C75 2000 (3 vols., Wiley, 2000)
V.1: Elements and native oxides; v.2: polymers; v.3: semiconductors.

Handbook of X-ray data. inorganics
QD 96 X2 Z73 2007 (Springer, 2007)
Emission data on characteristic X-ray lines for all elements up to Z=100 (fermium), including X-ray energies, emission rates and widths, binding energies, fluorescence yields, etc.

Handbook of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. inorganics
QD 96 E44 H35 1995 (Physical Electronics, 1995)
XPS (ESCA) spectra, strong line spectra, and excited Auger spectra for most of the elements and some of their compounds, plus plots and tables of energy shift data.

High resolution XPS of organic polymers. polymers
QD 139 P6 B43 1992 (Wiley, 1992)
X-ray photoelectron spectra of 100 standard homopolymers.

Inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy. inorganics
QD 96 P62 I38 1985 (Elsevier, 1985)
Compilation of 232 ICP wavelength scans of 70 elements, each covering an 80nm spectral region.

Optical emission lines of the elements. inorganics
QC 454 A8 P39 2000 (Wiley, 2000)
Database of electric-dipole emission lines of 90 elements and ions.

Sadtler fluorescence spectra. organics
QC 454 F63 S283 (Sadtler)
Eight-volume set of excitation and emission spectra in the 200-800nm scanning range; indexes by name, formula, and chemical class.

Tables of spectra of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen atoms and ions. inorganics
QC 454 A8 M665 1993 (CRC, 1993)
Reprint with added data of Charlotte Moore's well known compliations of atomic energy levels and multiplet tables for these elements.


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