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NMR Spectra

Aldrich library of NMR spectra. organics recommended resource
QC 762 P69 1983 (Desk) (2 vols., Aldrich, 1983)
Contains over 37,000 spectra, with indexes by compound name, molecular formula, and Aldrich catalog number in the back of volume 2.

Aldrich library of 13C and 1H FT-NMR spectra. organics recommended resource
QD 96 F68 P67 1993 (Desk) (3 vols., Aldrich, 1993)
12,000 compounds arranged by functionality; 13C peak tables are included with spectra. Indexes in vol. 3 by name, molecular formula, CAS registry number, and Aldrich catalog number.

Atlas of carbon-13 NMR data. organics
QC 762 B74 1979 (3 vols., Heyden, 1979)
NMR data compiled from published literature, with indexes of names, molecular formulas, class, molecular weights, chemical shifts.

Atlas of spectral data and physical constants for organic compounds. organics
see entry in GENERAL SOURCES section.

13-C NMR data for organometallic compounds. inorganics
QC 463 O7 M36 1981 (Academic Press, 1981)
Table of chemical shift data divided by nature of the ligand and then by metal. Scan the table of contents first to locate the correct region of the table.

13-C NMR of natural products. organics biologicals
QD 415 R214 1992 (2 vols., Plenum, 1992)
Vol.1: mono- and sesquiterpenes; vol.2: diterpenes. Compounds arranged by structural class, then by increasing molecular weight. Each volume has name, formula, mw, source, and compound-type indexes.

Carbon-13 NMR spectra. organics
QC 462 C4 J64 (Wiley Interscience, 1972)
Selected compounds representing a variety of carbon environments. Name, code, and shift indexes in front.

CRC handbook of phosphorus-31 NMR data. inorganics
QC 462 P1 H36 1991 (CRC, 1991)
Compilation of P-31 chemical shifts of organophosphorus compounds.

Dictionary of concepts in NMR.
QD 96 N8 H65 1992 (Clarendon Press, 1992)
Thorough definitions of NMR principles, jargon, and acronyms, with citations for further reading.

Encyclopedia of nuclear magnetic resonance.
QC 762 E53 1996 (8 vols., Wiley, 1996)
General encyclopedia on all aspects and applications of NMR in physics, chemistry, materials science, geology, biology, and medicine.

Handbook of data on organic compounds. (HODOC) organics
see entry in GENERAL SOURCES section.

Handy and systematic catalog of NMR spectra. organics
QC 762 A94 (University Science Books, 1980)
350 60MHz NMR spectra, with compound name and formula indexes.

NMR spectra catalog. organics
QC 762 V27 (2 vols., Varian, 1962-63)
700 spectra; each volume has name, functional group, and shift indexes.

NMR spectra of polymers and polymer additives. polymers
QC 463 P5 B73 2000 (Dekker, 2000)
13C NMR spectra (with some 1H, 19F, 29Si, and 31P) of 300 polymers and additives.

Proton and carbon NMR spectra of polymers. polymers
QC 463 P5 P76 2003 (5th ed., Wiley, 2003)
453 polymer spectra grouped in families and arranged alphabetically.

Sadtler guide to carbon-13 NMR spectra of polymers. polymers
QC 463 P5 S33 1988 (Sadtler, 1988)
353 spectra, arranged by compound type. Name and locator (peak) indexes.

Sadtler guide to the NMR spectra of polymers. polymers
QC 463 P5 S56 1973 (BioRad, 1973)
Small collection of NMR spectra of common polymers and copolymers. Indexes by name, commercial name, manufacturer, plus a "polymer finder" chart by chemical shift.

Sadtler NMR spectra organics recommended resource

Solid-state NMR polymer spectra. polymers
QC 463 P5 S65 1990 v.1 (MRG Polymer Press, 1990)
13C, 15N, 29Si CP/MAS and solution spectra of various commercial polymers, textiles, and fibers.

TRC / API-44 Selected NMR spectral data. organics
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