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Infrared Spectra

Aldrich library of FT-IR spectra. organics recommended resource
QD 96 I5 P66 1997 (Desk) (3 vols., 2nd ed., Aldrich, 1997)
Condensed-phase (vols.1-2) and vapor phase (vol.3) IR spectra for over 18,000 compounds, arranged by chemical class and structural complexity. Indexed by name, formula, and CAS Registry Number.

Aldrich library of infrared spectra. organics
QD 96 I5 P67 1981 (Desk) (3rd ed., Aldrich, 1981)
12,000 IR spectra arranged in classes by order of increasing complexity. Indexed by name, formula and Aldrich catalog number.

Analysis of surfactants : atlas of FT-IR spectra with interpretations. organics
QC 463 S94 H8613 1996 (Hanser/Gardner, 1996)
IR spectra of anionic, cationic, amphoteric, and other types of surfactants. Indexes by trade name and name, pp.61-75.

Atlas of near infrared spectra. organics
QC 457 A77 1981 (Sadtler, 1981)
NIR spectra of 1000 selected organics. Indexed by name and molecular formula, in the Sadtler format.

Atlas of polymer and plastics analysis. polymers recommended resource
QD 139 P6 H813 1991 (3rd ed., VCH, 1991; 2nd ed., Hanser, 1978)
Polymer spectra collection compiled by D.O. Hummel is regarded as one of the most definitive. Volume 1: Defined polymers, in two parts (3rd ed.): 2800 FT-IR spectra. Volume 2, two parts (2nd ed.) covers plastics, fibres, rubbers, resins, etc. UT holdings incomplete.

Atlas of plastics additives. organics polymers
TP 1142 H86 2002 (Springer, 2002)
772 FT-IR spectra; indexes by name and trade name.

Coblentz Society desk book of infrared spectra. organics inorganics
QC 457 C687 1982 (2nd ed., Coblentz Society, 1982)
1,700 IR grating spectra of common compounds. Indexed by name and formula.

FT-NIR Atlas. organics recommended resource
QC 462.85 B83 1993 (VCH, 1993)
1,957 spectra in the wavenumber range 3800-10500 cm-1.

Handbook of infrared and Raman spectra of inorganic compounds and organic salts. inorganics
QC 457 N927 1997 (Academic Press, 1997)
4-volume set; indexes in front of vols. 2 and 3.

Index of vibrational spectra of inorganic and organometallic compounds. inorganics
QD 96 V53 G74 1972 (CRC, 1972)
Bibliography of IR and Raman spectra from the literature between 1935 and 1960, arranged by main element then by empirical formula. Entries provide line structural formula, state or solvent, spectrum type and wavenumber range, and literature reference.

Infrared absorption spectra. organics inorganics
QC 457 H47 1959 (2 vols., Academic Press, 1959-64)
Index of IR spectra published in the journal literature, 1945-62. List of journals indexed is in the front of each volume. Compiled by H. Hershenson.

Infrared absorption spectra of steroids : an atlas. organics biologicals
QC 463 S8 I5 (2 vols., Interscience, 1953-58)
Indexes by functional group and name in vol.2.

Infrared analysis of polymers, resins and additives: an atlas. polymers
QD 139 P6 H813 1969 (2 vols. in 3, Wiley, 1969-73)
First edition of the "Hummel Spectra" collection. Vol.1 covers plastics, elastomers, fibers and resins. Vol.2 covers additives and processing aids.

Infrared and Raman characteristic group frequencies. organics inorganics polymers biologicals
QC 457 S69 2001 (3rd ed., Wiley, 2001)
Correlation charts and tables with sections on macromolecules, biomolecules, NIR, inorganics, minerals, glasses, etc.

Infrared band handbook. organics inorganics
QC 457 S983 1970 (2 vols., 2nd ed., IFI/Plenum, 1970)
Compounds arranged by wave number in cm-1, showing structural formula and literature reference. Empirical formula index in vol.2.

Infrared spectra atlas of monomers and polymers. polymers
QC 463 P5 I53 (Sadtler, 1980)
2000 spectra, arranged by chemical class and then in increasing order of complexity. With alphabetical index and Spec-finder. Common trade names and chemical names are both used.

Infrared spectra of pesticides. organics
SB 960 V57 1993 (Dekker, 1993)
400 FT-IR spectra of commonly used pesticides and related metabolites. Entries include structure, CAS number, band maxima with relative intensities. Name and formula indexes.

Infrared spectroscopy atlas for the coatings industry. organics polymers
TP 1140 C48 1991 (2 vols., 4th ed., Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology, 1991)
Contains 2,500 FT-IR spectra of polymers, resins, pigments, solvents, additives and other materials. Indexed by name, subject, and includes introductory text and a large bibliography.

Inorganic library of FT IR spectra. inorganics
QC 457 I54 1998 (Nicodom, 1998)
Four-volume set from Nicolet. 1800 IR spectra of inorganic and relatated substances: v.1 - minerals; v.2 - boron compounds; v.3 - inorganics in KBr pellets; v.4 - inorganic analytical agents and commercial materials.

Inorganics and related compounds. inorganics recommended resource
QC 457 S35 5 vols. (Sadtler)
1300 IR absorption spectra of inorganic and coordination compounds. Alphabetical index in vol.5.

Merck FT-IR atlas. organics
QC 457 M473 1988 (VCH, 1988)
3000 FT-IR spectra of organic compounds from the Merck-Schuchardt program. Indexes by name, molecular formula, and CAS registry number.

Nicolet oil library of FT-IR spectra. organics
TP 692 N536 1994 (Nicodom, 1994-95)
IR spectra of commercial oil products: fuels, grease, solvents. Indexes by name, origin, and type.

NIR Polymer library of FT-IR spectra. polymers
QC 463 P5 N577 1999 (Nicodom, 1999)
660 NIR spectra of polymers and related compounds.

Pharmaceutical library of FT-IR spectra. drugs
RS 189.5 S65 P537 1998 (Nicodom, 1998)
385 NIR (11,000-4,000 cm-1) spectra of samples commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Raman/infrared atlas of organic compounds. organics
QC 462.85 S3713 1989 (2nd ed., VCH, 1989)
IR, far-infrared, and Raman spectra are given for 1044 compounds, with chemical name, structure, and conditions. Indexes by spectrum number, name, formula, and functional group/substituent.

Rapra collection of infrared spectra of rubbers, plastics, and thermoplastic elastomers. polymers
QC 463 P5 S53 1997 (2nd ed., Rapra, 1997)
Transmission and pyrolysate (condensed phase) spectra of important rubber and plastics-based materials, including homopolymers, copolymers and blends, at 4cm-1 resolution, plotted in % transmission (4000-400 cm-1). Indexes by material type and trade name.

Sadtler Infrared Spectra organics recommended resource

Sigma library of FT-IR spectra. biologicals recommended resource
QD 96 I5 K45 1986 (Desk) (2 vols., Sigma-Aldrich, 1986)
Over 10,000 spectra of important biochemicals, with name formula and CAS RN indexes in vol.2. Complements the Aldrich standard collections.

TRC / API-44 Selected infrared spectral data. organics
Spectra Reference
Use the TRC Comprehensive Index to locate spectra in this looseleaf set.


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