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General Reference and Multi-Type Collections

This section lists general reference works and handbooks, as well as collections that contain two or more different types of spectra. All are shelved in the Spectra Section unless otherwise indicated.

Background and General Reference

Acronyms and abbreviations in molecular spectroscopy: an enzyclopedic [sic] dictionary.
QC 454 M6 W46 1990 (Springer, 1990)
Lengthy definitions, descriptions and applications of acronyms, abbreviations, and symbols used in all areas of spectroscopy, plus relevant literature citations.

Dictionary of spectroscopy.
QC 450.3 D46 1982 (2nd ed., Wiley, 1982)

Encyclopedia of applied spectroscopy.
QD 95 E53 2010 (Wiley-VCH, 2010)

Encyclopedia of spectroscopy and spectrometry.
QD 95 E55 2017 (4 vols., 3rd ed., Academic Press, 2017)
Articles on historical overview, theory, methods and instrumentation, and applications of all types of spectroscopy.

Handbook of spectroscopy.
QD 95 H26 2014 (4 vols., 2nd ed., Wiley-VCH)

Handbook of vibrational spectroscopy.
QD 96 V53 H36 2002 (5 vols., Wiley, 2002)
Encyclopedic articles covering all aspects of infrared and Raman spectroscopy: theory, instrumentation, sampling techniques, sample characterization, data processing, and applications.

Interpreting infrared, Raman, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectra. infrared n.m.r. raman
QD 95 N98 2001 (2 vols, Academic Press, 2001)

Introduction to spectroscopy.
QD 272 S6 P38 2015 Reserves (5th ed., Cengage, 2015)
Well known basic text for organic chemists by D. Pavia et al.

Molecular spectra and molecular structure.
QC 451 H463 1945 (4 vols., Van Nostrand, 1945)
Classic treatise by G. Herzberg. Vol. 1 = Spectra of diatomic molecules. Vol.2 = Infrared and raman spectra of polyatomic molecules. Vol. 3 = Electronic spectra and electronic structure of polyatomic molecules. Vol. 4 = Constants of diatomic molecules.

Principles of fluorescence spectroscopy.
QD 96 F56 L34 2006 Reserves (3rd ed., Springer, 2006)
e-book E-Book
Standard text by J. Lakowicz.

Spectrometric identification of organic compounds. organics infrared n.m.r. mass
QD 272 S6 S55 2015 Reserves (8th ed., Wiley, 2015)
Introductory chapters on mass, IR, 1H- and 13C-NMR spectroscopy, with problems and references. A popular basic text originally by R.M. Silverstein.

Spectroscopy source book.
QD 95 S6368 1988 (McGraw Hill, 1988)
Handy one-volume abridgement of information from the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology (6th ed.). Covers origins, techniques, and other basics.

Multi-Type Spectral Data Collections

Atlas of spectral data and physical constants for organic compounds. organics infrared n.m.r. mass ultraviolet raman
QD 272 S6 G73 1975 (6 vols., 2nd ed., CRC, 1975)
Tabular condensation of spectral data (IR, Raman, UV, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, MS) on 21,000 organic compounds, drawn from numerous published collections. Vol. 1 contains name/synonym directory, structures, and spectroscopic reference tables; vols. 2-4 contain the data tables; vols. 5-6 have indexes by molecular weight, melting and boiling point, WLN, and spectral data. Most of this data was later incorporated into the Handbook of Data on Organic Compounds (see below) and its database version, Properties of Organic Compounds.

Handbook of data on organic compounds. organics infrared n.m.r. mass ultraviolet raman
QD 257.7 H36 1994 Reference (7 vols., 3rd. ed., CRC, 1994)
Entries provide names, synonyms, structures, formulas (line and molecular), physical constants, and spectral data (IR, Raman, NMR, UV, Mass), as well as CAS registry numbers and Beilstein references. Available online as Properties of Organic Compounds.

Handbook of natural products data. biologicals infrared n.m.r. ultraviolet
QD 415.7 R34 1990 (Elsevier, 1990-94)
3-volume set with UV (λ max and log ε), IR, 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR spectral data for plant-derived natural products. v.1 - Diterpenoid and steroidal alkaloids; v.2 - Pentacyclic triterpenoids; v.3- Isoquinoline alkaloids.

Handbook of organic compounds. organics polymers infrared ultraviolet raman
QC 462.85 W675 2001 (3 vols., Academic Press, 2001)
Compendium of methodology and information for organic materials, surfactants, and polymer spectra in the UV, visible, NIR, IR, and Raman regions. 2130 spectra in vols.2-3; alphabetical index in back of vol.1.

Practical handbook of spectroscopy. infrared mass ultraviolet raman
QD 95 P73 1991 (CRC, 1991)
A condensation of the above Handbook of Spectroscopy, containing tables of reference data in the fields of x-ray, atomic, IR, Raman, and UV spectroscopic methods, as well as electron spin resonance, mass absorption coefficients, activation analysis, etc.

Roth collection of natural products data. biologicals organics infrared n.m.r. mass
QD 415 R68 1995 Reference (VCH, 1995)
Concise descriptions of 75 plant-derived natural products with NMR, MS, and IR spectra.

Spectra for the identification of monomers in food packaging. organics polymers infrared mass
TX 571 P63 B87 1994 (Kluwer, 1994)
Mass and infrared spectra for 166 monomers that can come into contact with foodstuffs via plastics packaging.

Spectral data for PCBs. organics infrared mass
QC 463 B5 S65 1994 (Thermodynamics Research Center, 1994)
Mass and infrared spectra for all 209 polychlorinated biphenyls, with literature references. Registry number index, plus table of gas chromatography retention times.

Spectral data for steroids. organics biologicals infrared n.m.r. mass ultraviolet
QC 463 S8 S64 1994 (Thermodynamics Research Center, 1994)
IR, UV, 1H and 13C NMR, and mass spectra for 211 steroids. Indexes by name, formula, and registry number.

Structure determination of organic compounds: tables of spectral data. organics infrared n.m.r. mass ultraviolet
QC 462.85 T313 2009 (4th ed., Springer, 2009)
Compilation of spectral reference data for IR, UV-VIS, 1H and 13C NMR, and MS, with a guide to interpretation.


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