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You can save searches and set up customized email alerts in most of the major databases that index the literature: SciFinder, Web of Science, Reaxys, PubMed, etc. You can also track new issues of your favorite journals and get tables of contents sent to you by email or RSS feed.

Synthetic Reaction Updates U.T. restricted
(RSC, 2015-)
A literature update service covering graphical abstracts from a selected set of ~35 primary journals. You can browse SRU by date, search by keyword and reaction type, and set up personal searches and email alerts.

Catalysts and catalysed reactions. U.T. restricted
(RSC, 2002-2014)
Covered new developments in catalysis selected from primary journals. Superseded by SRU (above).

Methods in organic synthesis. U.T. restricted
(RSC, 1984-2014)
Coverage emphasized rapid communications of novel experiments. Each issue is indexed by reactant, reagent, product, and reaction. Reaction diagrams include yields and other information. Superseded by SRU (above).

Natural product updates. U.T. restricted
(RSC, 1987- )
Covers new developments in natural product chemistry, selected from key primary journals.

Organic Chemistry Highlights
A free online journal which publishes short reviews of organic, bioorganic, organometallic and microwave chemistry, total synthesis of natural products and multi component reactions. The highlights are later collected into a book series titled Organic synthesis : state of the art.