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For New Arrivals: Getting Started with Your Library

Let's face it, navigating the universe of scientific information is complicated. Your Libraries are here to help you. This checklist will help get you set up and ready to do literature research in chemistry. If you're an experienced chemist new to UT-Austin, this list will help you figure out where everything is. (New graduate students should also see the Libraries For Graduate Students page. If you're a new undergraduate, check out the For Undergraduates orientation page.)

checkmark Obtain your UT EID

checkmark Organize your E-mail identity.

checkmark Set up your computer:

checkmark Install a good Web browser:

checkmark Register for your SciFinder search account.

checkmark Bookmark some good starting points:

checkmark Start keeping up with the literature:

checkmark Consider purchasing EndNote software.

checkmark Get familiar with the Libraries' services.

checkmark Be ready to use the physical library.

If you have any questions, please ask a staff member or send us an email.