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Landolt-Börnstein (LB) is a systematic collection of numerical data and functional relationships in physics, physical chemistry, biophysics, geophysics, astronomy, materials science, and technology. It is a valuable but often overlooked source of reliable physical data. Its full German title is Zahlenwerte und Funktionen aus Physik, Chemie, Astronomie, Geophysik und Technik. The 6th Edition was published from 1950 to 1980, and contains 22,500 pages in 28 volumes. It contains fundamental, well-tested information that is less likely to require revision. In 1961 the extensive New Series began publication, which updates and expands the base set with a focus on solid state materials and semiconductors. Over 400 volumes have been published so far.

  • There is a small printed Comprehensive Index for properties in the 6th Edition and New Series up to 1990. The keyword system in the indexes is arranged in four levels of hierarchy. The primary or first keyword generally denotes a physical quantity or constant, or type of material in question. A "(d)" sometimes added to page numbers in the index entry tells the user that data for that keyword are dispersed and not the main focus for the given range of pages. There is also a 3-volume index of inorganic substances and systems through 1993.
  • Hamburg Substance/Property Index
    The University of Hamburg has created web indexes that can be browsed or searched. "This site lists all substances and their properties which are reported on in the indexed Landolt-Börnstein volumes. In total, 160,000 organic and inorganic compounds are described by names, molecular structures, chemical abstract numbers and other identifiers." Not all LB volumes are indexed.

Due to cost UT-Austin is unable to subscribe to this electronic version of the LB New Series and various other sources, and the useful content is blocked from view. The search options are free, but citations lack page numbers.

UT Print Holdings
The Chemistry Library has the 6th edition base set and most volumes of the New Series Groups I-IV and VII up to about 1998. LB is shelved in the reference stacks of the Chemistry Library. The Physics-Math-Astronomy Library also has the 6th edition and Group VI of the New Series. Group V is at the Geology Library. No volumes published after 1998 have been acquired. LB volumes do not circulate.
Catalog record and holdings for base set
Catalog record and holdings for New Series

Obtaining LB Content Not Available at UT
Interlibrary loan (ILL) of printed LB content is difficult due to its complexity. Very few libraries have purchased recent printed volumes. Requests for copies of chapters or pages need to be precise and less than 50 pages. Obtaining content from SpringerMaterials is not allowed via ILL. Contact the Chemistry Library for further assistance.

The base set and the New Series up to about 1990 are in German, with English tables of contents in some volumes. LB consists mostly of tables and graphs. A knowledge of common German physical and chemical terms is useful.

New Series

The New Series is divided into subject groups. Each group is further divided into volumes and subvolumes on particular topics. Only pre-1998 volumes are listed here.

The 6th Edition

Volume I : Atomic and Molecular Physics.

Volume II : Properties of Matter in its Aggregated States.

Volume III : Astronomy and Geophysics. (1952)

Volume IV : Technology.


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