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Guide to Reference Sources

This bibliography is intended as a basic guide to important printed resources in this subject area.

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Advanced inorganic chemistry. 6th ed. (Wiley, 1999) star
QD 151.2 C68 1999 Reserves
By F.A. Cotton, G. Wilkinson et al.

Comprehensive coordination chemistry. (Elsevier)
QD 474 C65 1987 Reference, 7 vols.
QD 474 C65 2004 Reference, 10 vols.
Authoritative review chapters surveying binding of ligands, coordination chemistry of the elements in Periodic order, and applications. Indexes by subject and formula are in vol.7. This set complements Comprehensive organometallic chemistry, and the division between them is somewhat arbitrary. In 2004 a ten-volume sequel set was issued, updating literature coverage.

Comprehensive inorganic chemistry. (Pergamon; Elsevier)
QD 151.2 C64 [1973] Reference, 5 vols.
QD 151.3 C642 2013 Reference, 9 vols.
Collection of background articles by specialists, arranged by periodic table group.

Comprehensive organometallic chemistry. (Elsevier)
QD 411 C65 1982 Reference, 9 vols.
QD 411 C652 1995 Reference, 14 vols.
QD 411 C652 2007 Reference, 13 vols.
Authoritative review chapters on all aspects of organometallic chemistry. The 1995 and 2007 sets update the original 1982 set's literature coverage.

Encyclopedia of inorganic chemistry. 2nd ed. (10 vols., Wiley, 2005) star
QD 148 E53 2005 Reference
Articles and short entries covering all aspects of inorganic, bioinorganic, coordination and organometallic chemistry.

Nomenclature of inorganic chemistry : IUPAC recommendations 2005. (RSC, 2005)
QD 149 N659 2005 Reference
Known as the "Red Book", this is IUPAC's set of rules for naming inorganic substances, including elements, ions and radicals, acids, salts, coordination compounds and organometallic compounds, and solid phases. It supersedes earlier versions from 1992 (3rd ed.) and 2000.

see more Basic textbooks on inorganic chemistry can be found in the QD 151 call number area.

see more For reference books on the chemical elements, see the General Chemistry pathfinder.


Constants of inorganic substances. (Begell, 1995)
QD 155.5 L5313 1995 Reference
Properties of atoms, molecules, radicals, and ions.

CRC handbook of chemistry and physics. star
Handbook Table
e-book CRC Handbook Online U.T. restricted
A first-stop reference source containing a wealth of basic chemical and physical data for compounds, as well as many other useful tables, constants and formulas, and definitions. Consult the index in the back for the type of data needed. Published annually.

Dictionary of inorganic compounds. (5 vols., Chapman & Hall, 1992) star
QD 155.5 D53 1992 Reference
e-book Combined Chemical Dictionary U.T. restricted
22,000 entries for inorganic and organometallic substances, arranged by Hill formula. Entries include synonyms, structure, melting point, physical properties, salts, and literature references. Indexes in v.4 and 5, by name, structure type, CAS RN, and element. This set, along with the complementary Dictionary of organometallic compounds, is included in the online Combined Chemical Dictionary.

Gmelin Handbook of inorganic chemistry. 8th ed., 1922-98. star
Reference Stacks
Extensive compilation of critically evaluated information on inorganics and organometallics, compiled from the literature. By the mid-1980s over 400,000 compounds were treated in more than 400 volumes. Grouped by atomic symbol, the volumes are divided into the Main Series and Supplements. Most volumes are in German; after 1982 the volumes are in English. Some elements have their own index volumes, and there is a series of cumulative formula indexes covering all volumes through 1987.

Handbook of inorganic chemicals. (McGraw Hill, 2003)
QD 155.5 P37 2003 Reference
Entries for 2,000 common industrial chemicals, in alphabetical order, showing synonyms, molecular weight, formula and structure, CAS registry number, occurence, uses and applications, physical properties, preparation methods, reactions, and health analysis.

Handbook of inorganic compounds. (2nd ed., CRC, 2011)
QD 155.5 H36 2011 Reference
Over 3,300 gas, liquid and solid compounds are represented. Entries include physical properties, CAS registry numbers, MW, density, solubility, etc. Indexes by name, formula, and registry number.

NIST-JANAF thermochemical tables. 4th ed. (NIST, 1998)
QD 511.8 N57 1998 Reference
Temperature-dependent property tables for 1,800 inorganic and organic (C1 and C2) substances and ions, in SI units. Includes references to source literature. Chemical name and formula index begin on p.23 of v.1.

see more More sources of thermodynamic and physical property data from ThermoDex...

see more See the guide to "Spectra and Spectral Data" for sources of spectra of inorganics.

see more Online periodic tables...


Encyclopedia of chemical reactions. (8 vols., Reinhold, 1946-59) star
QD 155 J3 Reference
Entries arranged by principal element, then by reactant formula, then by reagent formula. A brief "conditions paragraph" of the reaction accompanies the reaction equation, followed by a source reference. Each volume has its own reagent formula and product name indexes. Dated, but useful for finding basic stoichiometric reactions from older literature that may not have been studied since.

Handbook of preparative inorganic chemistry. 2nd ed. (2 vols., Academic Press, 1963-65)
QD 156 B7313 1963 Reference
Compendium of preparative methods for hundreds of inorganic substances; includes a section on lab apparatus and procedures. Formula and subject index in vol. 2. Later expanded as Synthetic methods of organometallic and inorganic chemistry (see below).

Inorganic reactions and methods. (18 vols., VCH, 1986-89)
QD 156 I564 1986 Stacks
A set that strives to describe all of inorganic reaction chemistry, focusing on bond formation, arranged by the periodic system.

Inorganic syntheses. (Wiley, 1939- ) star
QD 156 I56 Reference
This series contains checked synthetic procedures for inorganic and organometallic compounds. Cumulative index for vols. 1-30.

Reactivity of inorganic substances. (Begell, 1996)
QD 155.5 L528 1996 Reference
Data on composition, reactivity, solubility, and synthesis for over 7,000 substances, arranged by element.

Synthetic methods of organometallic and inorganic chemistry.
(Thieme, 1996-2002)
QD 411 S96 1996 Reference
10 volumes covering synthetic methods of metal compounds.


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