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Chemical Dictionaries on the Web

U.T. restricted : Restricted to UT-Austin
star : Recommended

Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds
Chemistry Dictionary for Word Processors
Open-source add-on for your word processing internal dictionary contains over 100,000 chemical terms and improves your spell-check performance.

Chemistry : foundations and applications. (Gale Virtual Reference) U.T. restricted

Dictionary of Chemistry (Oxford Reference Online) U.T. restricted

Dictionary of Obsolete Chemical Terms

Glossary of Archaic Chemical Terms

Glossary of Physical Organic Chemistry Terms (IUPAC)

IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology
Online version of the IUPAC "Gold Book". For other IUPAC "color books" see the General Chemistry pathfinder.

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Printed general science and chemistry reference sources are listed on the General Chemistry pathfinder. Many more specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries are listed on our various subject guides.