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Guide to Reference Sources


Dictionary of electrochemistry. (2nd ed., Wiley, 1984)
QD 552.5 H53 1984 Reference

Electrochemical dictionary. (2nd ed., Springer, 2012)
QD 552.5 E44 2012 Reference

Electrochemistry Knowledge
A basic information site, including a dictionary and encyclopedia. (ECS)

Encyclopedia of electrochemistry. (Reinhold, 1964)
QD 552.5 H36 1964 Reference

Encyclopedia of electrochemistry. (Wiley-VCH, 2001-07)
QD 552.5 E53 2001 Stacks

Encyclopedia of electrochemistry of the elements. (Dekker, 1973- )
QD 551 B37 Stacks


Atlas of electrochemical equilibria in aqueous solutions. (2nd ed., NACE, 1974)
QD 571 P6813 1974 Reference
Compilation of Pourbaix potential-pH diagrams for various elemental systems and oxides.

CRC handbook series in inorganic electrochemistry.
QD 560 C73 1980 Stacks
7-volume set.

CRC handbook series in organic electrochemistry.
QD 560 C72 1977 Stacks
6-volume set. (The library lacks v.4.)

DECHEMA corrosion handbook. (VCH, 1987-93)
TA 418.74 D43 1987 Stacks, 12 vols. with index and supplement
Data on the behavior of engineering materials in contact with over 1000 corrosive media.

[Dissociation (ionization) constants.]
QD 562 I65 ... Reference
IUPAC has published several compilations of pK values for organic and inorganic acids and bases.

Electrolyte data collection. (DECHEMA, 1993-)
QD 565 B35 1993 Reference
Reliable data on thermodynamic, transport, dielectric, conductivity and spectroscopic data for electrolyte solutions and their solvents.

Reaxys U.T. restricted
A large amount of electrochemical data for organic and inorganic substances can be found in this major chemistry database.

Standard potentials in aqueous solution. (Dekker, 1985)
QD 571 S74 1985 Reference
Oxidation states, standard electrode potentials and thermodynamic data for redox couples of elements and their compounds.

Tables of experimental dipole moments. (Freeman, 1963-89)
QD 571 M27 Reference
3-volume set with tables arranged by molecular formula.

Tables of standard potentials. (Dekker, 1985)
QD 571 M47 1977 Reference
Data on electrode reactions arranged by periodic table order.

see more For more printed sources of electrochemical and electrolyte property data, see the ThermoDex database and search by property and compound type.


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Book on electrochemistry topics can be found at these call numbers:

Proceedings (Electrochemical Society).
Topical volumes from ECS meetings were published in print until 2005. They are shelved separately in the book stacks. Search for a specific proceedings volume in the Library Catalog by volume title or by using the keywords "proceedings electrochemical [year] [volume]", for example:
proceedings electrochemical 2003 13
After 2005 the proceedings are continued online by ECS Transactions. U.T. restricted


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