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Chemical Engineering

This bibliography is intended as a guide to important printed resources in this subject area.
All titles listed are shelved in the Chemistry Library's reference section unless otherwise noted.
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Chemical engineer's condensed encyclopedia of process equipment. (Gulf, 2000)
TP 157 C437 2000
Concise information on major types of machinery, equipment and technology employed in unit operations throughout the chemical process industries.

Chemical process and design handbook. (McGraw-Hill, 2002)
TP 155.7 S63 2002
Part 1 lists important chemical reactions and processes and related equipment. Part 2 presents brief summaries of the reactions and processes used to manufacture individual chemicals, with flow charts.

Encyclopedia of chemical processing.
TP 9 E648 2006
5-volume set billed as a "re-conceptualization" of the larger earlier version (below). Articles on processing technologies and materials are arranged alphabetically, with an index in vol.5.

Encyclopedia of chemical processing and design.
TP 9 E66, 69 vols., 1976-2002
Lengthy articles on chemical processes, economics, products, equipment, and applications. Brief index in final volume.

Encyclopedia of polymer science and technology. 3rd ed.
TP 1110 E53 2003
Covers all aspects of polymer sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) and engineering. Articles contain equations, graphic and tabular data, and extensive bibliographical information

Encyclopedic dictionary of named processes in chemical technology. 3rd ed. (CRC, 2007)
TP 155.7 C664 2007
Concise descriptions of processes in chemical technology that are known by special names, such as inventors, companies, acronyms, and other non-intuitive terms. Many entries include literature references to point to further information.

Handbook of chemical engineering calculations. 4th ed. (McGraw-Hill, 2012)
TP 155.2 M36 H36 2012
Techniques for solving everyday chemical engineering problems.

Handbook of industrial chemistry and biotechnology. 12th ed. (Springer, 2012)
TP 145 R54 2012
Chapters describing the chemistry and engineering principles underlying the chemical process industry.

Kirk Othmer encyclopedia of chemical technology. 5th ed. star
TP 9 K54 2004, 27 vols.
Excellent information source presents a wealth of information on preparation, manufacturing processes, uses of materials, properties of chemical substances, and chemistry fundamentals. Also available online.

Perry's chemical engineers handbook. 8th ed. (McGraw-Hill, 2008) star
Handbook Table
E-Book U.T. restricted
Compendium of data tables and textual information on virtually every aspect of chemical engineering, including mathematics and physical/chemical data.

Perry's standard tables and formulas for chemical engineers. (McGraw-Hill, 2003)
TP 151 S584 2003
Concise tables of data and formulas for chemical processing and equipment design.

Process engineering equipment handbook. (McGraw-Hill, 2002)
TP 157 S658 2002
Information on engineering, operation, and troubleshooting of process machinery: pumps, turbines, fans, motors, filters, dryers, etc.

Rules of thumb for chemical engineers. 5th ed. (Butterworth Heinemann, 2012)
TP 151 R85 2012
Handy collection of shortcuts, calculations, graphs, and tables intended for "quick accurate solutions to everyday process engineering problems."

Ullmann's encyclopedia of industrial chemistry. 7th ed. star
TP 9 U57 2011, 40 vols.
Comprehensive coverage of industrial chemistry topics, with more of a European focus. Complements Kirk-Othmer.


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SciFinder star U.T. restricted
Online access to the Chemical Abstracts family of databases, including Chemical Abstracts (1907- ), Registry, CASREACT, and CHEMCATS, a chemical suppliers database. CA covers the technical literature of chemical and process technologies and related areas more comprehensively than any other tool, and is by far the most complete indexing source for chemical patents.

Engineering Index U.T. restricted
The primary general index for all engineering fields, it covers chemical engineering, though not as comprehensively as Chemical Abstracts. It's a good place to search for related topics such as equipment and machinery design, plant operations, and other applications.

Business Source Complete U.T. restricted
Indexing and full text of thousands of business and trade periodicals.

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