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CH 317: Finding IR Spectra of Polymers

Things to know:

Selected Polymer IR Spectra Collections in the Spectra Collection

Infrared spectra atlas of monomers and polymers.
QC 463 P5 I53 (Sadtler, 1980)
2,000 spectra (4000-400 cm-1), arranged by the type of polymer or monomer and then in increasing order of complexity. Includes an alphabetical trade name index. Common trade names and chemical names, when known, are both used. The "Spec-Finder" index beginning on p.775 allows you to search for spectra based on strongest band and absorption peaks, but first you have to code the peaks.

Handbook of Fourier transform Raman and infrared spectra of polymers.
QC 463 P5 K86 1998 (A.H. Kuptsov and G.N. Zhizhin, Elsevier, 1998)
Polymers are classified by type; see table beginning on p.xxiii. Indexes by name, trade name, general formula, and registry number. Spectra cover the 4000-100 cm-1 range and include a structure diagram of the main unit(s).

Handbook of organic compounds, vol.3.
QC 462.85 W675 2001 v.3 (Academic, 2001)
Spectra numbers 1197-1326 are polymers.

Rapra collection of infrared spectra of rubbers, plastics, and thermoplastic elastomers.
QC 463 P5 S53 1997 (J.A. Sidwell, 2nd ed., Rapra, 1997)
Transmission and pyrolysate (condensed phase) spectra of important rubber and plastics-based materials, including homopolymers, copolymers and blends. Indexes by material type and trade name. The first section has transmission spectra of some common plastic materials.

Infrared spectroscopy atlas for the coatings industry.
TP 1140 C48 1991 (2 vols., 4th ed., Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology, 1991)
Contains 2,500 FT-IR spectra of polymers, resins, pigments, solvents, additives and other materials. Indexed by name, subject, and includes introductory text and a large bibliography. Spectra nos. 1-704 in v.1 are polymers.

Atlas of polymer and plastics analysis.
QD 139 P6 H813; 1971, 1978, 1991 editions
The "Hummel Spectra" are considered the definitive collection of polymer IR spectra.

IR Spectra of Monomers and Organic Compounds

Search for known or unknown spectra in the Aldrich collections of FT-IR spectra (the big black volumes) located on the desk in the Spectra section. Spectra in these sets are organized by chemical class, with name and formula indexes in the last volume of each set.

For additional sources of spectra, in print and online, browse in the Spectra section, or see the Spectra web page. See also the Polymers pathfinder for general reference sources on polymers and plastics.

Background Reading