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Below is a small selection of catalog sites for laboratory-grade specialty chemicals. (For industrial products and bulk commodity price information, see the pathfinder on Chemical Engineering Economics.)

U.T. restricted : Restricted to UT-Austin
recommended resource : Recommended
search multiple suppliers : Searches multiple suppliers

Aldrich Market Select search multiple suppliers
Database of building blocks and screening compounds for early stage discovery efforts and custom libraries. It consists of over 8 million chemical products from more than 70 chemical suppliers around the world.

Alfa Aesar
Specialty and bulk, high purity inorganics, precious metal compounds, rare earths, organics and organometallics, high purity metals and materials, etc. search multiple suppliers

ChemExper Chemical Directory search multiple suppliers

eMolecules search multiple suppliers
Price data requires user account.

Fisher Scientific
Many product lines, including Acros Organics. Fisher operates the Chemistry Department's research storeroom, and you can log in to the UT Fisher catalog directly.

R&D Chemicals search multiple suppliers

SciFinder U.T. restricted recommended resource search multiple suppliers
Use the "Explore Substances" tab to locate the Registry record for a compound, and click on "Commercial Sources" to link to CHEMCATS, a database of chemical suppliers that provides laboratory-quantity prices and sources for that chemical. Supplier data can be exported to a spreadsheet.

Sigma-Aldrich Catalog recommended resource
Chemical/physical data, FT-IR and NMR spectra, and MSDS are displayable. Registration is required to view some information.

Spectrum Chemicals

Strem Chemicals

TCI America


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