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Celebrating the Life

Faculty Photographs

Faculty, 1883
The UT Faculty in 1883. Seated, left to right: John W. Mallet (Chemistry and Physics, Chair of the Faculty), Robert L. Dabney (Philosophy and Political Science), Oran M. Roberts (Law), Milton Humphries (Ancient Languages), William L. Broun (Mathematics). Standing: Leslie Waggener (English), Robert S. Gould (Law), Henry Tallichet (Modern Languages). (Photo courtesy of the Center for American History.)

Faculty, 1884
The UT Faculty in 1884. Seated, left to right: Gould, Humphries, Waggener, Roberts, Dabney. Standing: I.F. Harrison (Physics), George P. Garrison (English, History), Edgar Everhart (Chemistry), G.B. Halsted (Mathematics), Tallichet, G.F. Gompertz (Modern Languages), A.V. Lane (English and History), E.E. Bramlett (Mathematics and Ancient Languages). (Photo courtesy of the Center for American History.)

Faculty, 1938
Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in 1938. Front row (Chemistry), left to right: H.R. Henze, E.P. Schoch, Henry W. Harper, J.R. Bailey, W.A. Felsing, H.L. Lochte. Back row (Chemical Engineering): W.B. Duncan, C.R. Johnson, F. Spuhler, L. Cross, G.W. Watt, J. Griswold. (Photo courtesy of the Center for American History.)

The 'Three Pals', 1938
The 'Three Pals', 1938. Left to right: E.P. Schoch, J.R. Bailey, and Henry W. Harper. Known informally as the "Three Pals", these three professors formed the core of the Chemistry Dept. faculty from 1896 to the early 1940s. (Photo courtesy of the Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry.)