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Our computers are restricted to current students, faculty and staff with valid UT EIDs. Courtesy Borrowers and authorized guests may also use their EIDs to log on to these stations within established limits.

Scientific software available on workstations in the Chemistry Library includes Logger Pro, ChemBioOffice (with ChemDraw Ultra), MATLAB, and Mathematica.

Workstation Use Policy: Access is on a first-come basis. Time limits may be enforced when others are waiting. Priority goes to those doing academic work and using library resources.

Wireless : The encrypted campus network is available throughout Welch Hall. You must have a valid UT EID to log on. For more information see the Public Network page.

printing Printing

The Chemistry Library's print station receives jobs from any of the library's EID workstations. To print, you must have a UT Libraries copy card or a student Bevo Bucks account.

  1. When you do a print command you will be asked to name your job. Select the "non-PCL" printer. The job will then go to the Print Station, located in the first copier alcove.
  2. Insert your copy card into the reader attached to the Print Station, or swipe your UT ID for Bevo Bucks on the other station.
  3. Select your job from the print queue. Cost is $0.10 per page.
  4. Unprinted jobs will remain on the server for two hours before being deleted.
  5. Library workstations are not connected to external network printers.
  6. Color printing is available (at higher charge) in the PMA, PCL, Architecture, and Fine Arts libraries.
  7. Poster printing is available in PCL Copier Services.

Printing from Laptops

If you want to send a print job from your own laptop to a library pay-printer, first download a print client from the Libraries' Computing page. Then your job will be sent to all pay printers in the Libraries, where it will remain for two hours or until you print it.

scanners Scanning and Photocopying

A KIC Scanning Station is located in the copier alcove. You can scan free with the overhead camera, and save files to USB drive, email them from attached workstation (EID required), or send directly to the library print network.

Two flatbed scanners are available in the library's workstation area. Each is connected to two adjacent workstations.

There is no charge for scanning.

A black and white photocopier is available. Copies are 13 cents each with your copy card.

The Chemistry Library has only readers for microfilm and microfiche. You can print or scan microforms at the Life Science Library and PCL. Check out the envelope or reel for two hours at the circulation desk.

Library Copy Cards

A card can be purchased or revalued in most library units from self-service vending machines in the copier areas. The machine accepts bills and credit cards, but not coins or Bevo Bucks. A new card costs $2 and contains $1 balance. The card can be used for copying and printing in any campus library.

THE CHEMISTRY LIBRARY CANNOT PROVIDE CHANGE OR REFUNDS. If you lose money due to a card or copier malfunction, report it to the Copy Center in the Perry-Castañeda Library (First Floor). The Libraries are not responsible for lost or stolen copy cards.

Questions about Copyright?
Faculty and staff should refer to the UT System Intellectual Property Policy for information on fair use, educational use, permissions, and a "crash course" on these issues. See also links on Protecting Intellectual Property.


Perry-Castañeda Library
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