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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 47, 1997
    1. A Letter from the Chairman

    2. Faculty & Staff Listings

    3. Professors and Lecturers

    4. Professors Emeriti

    5. Research Scientists

    6. Visiting Professor

    7. Technical Staff

    8. Administrative Staff

    9. Geology Foundation

    10. Faculty Personal Notes

    11. Staff Personal Notes

    12. Knebel Award: A Tribute to an Extraordinary Teacher— James N. Connelly

    13. Endowment to Honor Robert L. Folk

    14. Glen and Martha Vargas Honored

    15. Department Hosts Astronaut Jay Apt

    16. Faculty Awards and Honors

    17. UT Delegation at the 30th International Geological Congress

    18. Student Scholarship Support from Local Earth Science Organizations Reaches $20,000

    19. Nannobacteria

    20. High-Resolution X-ray CT: Earth Materials from the Inside Out

    21. Computer Technology Quickly Evolving within the Department

    22. Visiting Speakers

    23. Endowed Lecturers

    24. Student Speakers

    25. Research and Teaching Assistants, 1996-97

    26. Research Assistants

    27. Teaching Assistants

    28. Assistant Instructors

    29. Day Excursion to Texaco Exploration and Production Technology Department

    30. Summer Field Camp 1997, GEO 660

    31. Fourth Annual University of Texas/ University of Cambridge Field Exchange

    32. Geology 21OC, Geology Emerging Scholars, Fall 1996

    33. Student Awards

    34. Thelma Lynn Guion Distinguished Service Awards

    35. Graduate Scholarships & Fellowships

    36. Other Fellowships

    37. Undergraduate Scholarships

    38. Degrees Awarded

    39. Graduate Degrees in Geological Sciences

    40. Undergraduate Degrees in Geological Sciences

    41. Student Officers for Fall 1996 and Spring 1997

    42. Graduate Student Executive Committee

    43. Placement Office Update

    44. Bureau of Economic Geology

    45. Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory

    46. Institute for Geophysics

    47. Walter Geology Library

    48. Geology Foundation Advisory Council News

    49. Gifts

    50. Gifts to the Geology Foundation from

    51. Business, Society, and Estate Contributors

    52. Donors of Books and Materials— Walter Geology Library, 1996-97

    53. Geology Foundation Endowed Accounts

    54. Geology Foundation Advisory Council

    55. Chairman

    56. Vice Chairman

    57. Director

    58. Members

    59. Honorary Life Members

    60. Memorials

    61. Notes from the Alumni

    62. Alumni Honors

    63. We need your help

  2. Illustrations
    1. Summer camp 1920, east side of Hueco Mountains at cattle watering tank

    2. Anasazi petroglyphs along the San Juan River

    3. Mark Cloos

    4. Dr H. P. Bybee at Camp Bullet, Mason County, Texas, July 1919

    5. William Carlson receives plaque from William T. Stokes

    6. Mark Cloos presents plaque to Glen and Martha Vargas at Department reception

    7. Mark Cloos and Doug Smith with Jennifer Beall as she receives the Department's Petrography Award

    8. Earle McBride and Robert Folk at reception honoring Folk for being named Outstanding Educator by AAPG

    9. Visiting scientist C. A. Ouldahmedbenar (Douba) instructs on use of the ranging therdolite

    10. Dennis Trambatore receives Distinguished Service Award from Mark Cloos

    11. James N. Connelly

    12. Glen and Martha Vargas with cake honoring their 21 years of Geology 347K instruction

    13. The Vargases with students in gems and gem minerals faceting lab

    14. Plaque now on display in the departmental museum

    15. Dr. Jay Apt describes the Shuttle Atlantis during his lecture at Technical Sessions

    16. Astronaut Jay Apt presents Dr. Mark Cloos with plaque showing that the Texas State mineral had flown aboard the shuttle Atlantis

    17. Specimens and plaques on display after Dr. Jay Apt's lecture

    18. Brenda Kirkland George presented with the Houston Oil & Minerals Corporation Faculty Excellence Award

    19. James Connelly receives Outstanding Teachers Award from Mark Cloos

    20. Li Xiang, Jack Sharp, Tom McKenna, and Ning Li

    21. AFMS Scholarship recipients with George Browne and Bill Pattillo at the 1997 South Central Federation annual meeting in Glen Rose, Texas

    22. British Broadcasting Corporation's interviewer Fiona Gammie in Bob Folk's chaotic and nannobacteria-rich office

    23. Slice of a drained saprolite core encased in PVC

    24. The high-resolution X-ray computed tomography facility

    25. Cover articles in Science, Outlook, and Journal of Metamorphic Geology on Department research using high-resolution computed tomography technology

    26. Professor Milo Backus, a progressive user of the new multimedia classroom

    27. Freshman geology hike, Barton Springs, Austin, Texas, 1916 Houston, Texas.

    28. Jerome Apt of NASA and William R. Muehlberger during Dr. Apt's presentation at Tech Session

    29. Agate SiO2 from Laguna Ranch, Chihuahua, Mexico

    30. Group photo with Susan Longacre of Texaco, field trip leader

    31. The 3-D Visualization Facility

    32. Students found Texaco's use of remote sensing technology fascinating

    33. Professor Earle McBride and students in the Thermopolis Shale, Wyoming

    34. Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park

    35. Untitled

    36. "You're not in England anymore." Brian Exton and Brenda Kirkland George, El Paso, Texas Cory Hoffman—mountain goat— climbing one of the many hills on the exchange trip

    37. Matt Colbert explains features along Permian Reef Geology Trail in McKittrick Canyon

    38. White Sands National Monument, March 1997

    39. Beach homes on Caplen Beach, Bolivar Peninsula, destroyed or damaged by unusually high tides created by Tropical Depression Josephine, fall 1996

    40. Fall 1996 Emerging Scholars class on the horn of a beach cusp on Caplen Beach, Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

    41. Michael T. Landrum receives Hammer Award from Mark Helper

    42. Jim McCulloch receives the First Thelma Lynn Guion Distinguished Service Award from Dennis Trombatore

    43. Hoskins, Welhausen, and L. T. Barrow at Camp Bullet, Mason County, Texas, July 1919

    44. Jason Lundquist receives the Student Service Award from MaryLynn Musgrove while Mark Cloos looks on

    45. Untitled

    46. Bureau researcher taking permeability measurements an outcrop of Ferron Sandstone, central Utah

    47. Institute for Geophysics new location

    48. Untitled

    49. Peter T. Flawn

    50. Judd Hamner Oualline

    51. Roger Sherman Plummer, Jr.

    52. Joseph Charles Walter, Jr.

    53. Field camp 1991, Gunnison, Colorado

    54. The end of a hard day mapping Molas Lake— the infamous sleeping van, Geology 660, 1986

    55. Geology Department 1951 field trip to Brady, Texas

    56. Field camp 1991, White Sands

    57. Students and Dr. Fred Bullard on a field trip near Austin in the summer of 1943

    58. Field camp 1991, Gunnison, Colorado

    59. Richard B. Waitt shows a Mount St. Helens 1980 eruption deposit to Gerardo Aguirre Diaz

    60. Algal mats reunite! New Orleans, November 1995

    61. Banded iron formation from Western Australia

    62. Polished slice of palm wood specimen, the Texas State rock, flown aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis Dr. Whitney at Devils River near Comstock, 1920