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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 46, 1996
    1. A Letter from the Chairman

    2. Department News

    3. Strategic Plan — 1996

    4. Faculty & Staff

    5. Professors and Lecturers

    6. Research Scientists

    7. Technical Staff

    8. Administrative Staff

    9. Personal Notes

    10. A tribute to and extraordinary teacher — Leon E. Long

    11. In Memoriam Martin B. Lagoe

    12. UT Hosts Regional GSA

    13. Visiting Speakers

    14. Endowed Lecturers

    15. Student Activities

    16. Texaco Sponsors Trip to Pipe Creek Reef

    17. Student Speakers

    18. Research & Teaching Assistants Fall 1995 – Summer 1996

    19. Research Assistants

    20. Teaching Assistants

    21. Assistant Instructors

    22. The University of Texas / University of Cambridge Exchange Trip 1996

    23. Undergraduate Scholarships

    24. GEO 660

    25. Graduate Scholarships

    26. Geology's Emerging Scholars: GEMS

    27. Charl M. Broquet (1970-1996)

    28. Student Awards

    29. Degrees

    30. Undergraduate Degrees

    31. Graduate Degrees

    32. Officers

    33. Graduate Student Executive Committee

    34. Placement Office Update

    35. Bureau of Economic Geology

    36. Walter Geology Library

    37. In memoriam Thelma Lynn Guion

    38. Institute for Geophysics

    39. Vertebrate Paleontology and Radiocarbon Laboratory

    40. Geology Foundation

    41. Advisory Council News

    42. William E. Gipson Receives 1996 Hall of Honor Award

    43. Gifts

    44. Gifts to the Geology Foundation

    45. Business, Society and Estate Contributors

    46. Donors of Books and Materials to the Walter Geology Library

    47. Geology Foundation Endowed Accounts

    48. Advisory Council Listing

    49. Chairman

    50. Vice-Chairman

    51. Director, Geology Foundation

    52. Members

    53. Honorary Life Members

    54. Memorials

    55. Alumni Honors

    56. Notes from the Alumni

    57. Some Recollections by Jack Wilson

    58. We need your help

  2. Illustrations
    1. Three-Dike Hill east of Redford, Texas, near the Rio Grande River

    2. Cobble beach along southern coast of England

    3. Untitled

    4. Geology Foundation Advisory Council members Robbie Gries and Bill Stokes, and faculty member Brenda Kirkland George

    5. Randy Marrett talks with other participants at GSA South Central meeting in Austin, March, 1996

    6. Mark Cloos and his family shop at a GSA exhibit

    7. Mark Helper

    8. Untitled

    9. Untitled

    10. Mark Cloos receives the gavel formally transferring chairmanship of the South Central Section from Page Twiss

    11. Jonas Gournay illustrates the merits of multimedia-aided instruction as a valuable tool for the geosciences

    12. Bill Muehlberger engages in a lively discussion with GSA participants after his lecture

    13. East Texas, Argentina? Ian Dalziel, Pete Palmer and Bill Thomas debate the origin and evolution of the Ouachita Embayment

    14. Dr. Eric Barron

    15. Land owner Tom Peterson observes karst features in the Pipe Creek Reef near Bandera, Texas

    16. Dr. Susan Longacre, field trip leader

    17. Group photo of Pipe Creek field trip participants

    18. Rion Camerlo, Mike Rahnis and Brenda Kirkland George discuss rudists and Cretaceous reef growth

    19. Graduate student Jason Lundquist rests at a field trip stop

    20. View of Durdle Door, a spectacular limestone arch about one mile west of Lulworth Cove, on the Dorset Coastal Path

    21. Jonas Gournay studies facies in upturned beds of one of the many coastal outcrops in England

    22. Graduate students MaryLynn Musgrove, Steve Grimes and Matt Colbert look at snails

    23. The Fossil Forest, Lulworth, Dorset

    24. The famous "Lulworth Crumple," formed about 15 million years ago by movements in the earth's crust

    25. Jubal Grubb at Seven Rivers Formation in Rocky Arroyo, New Mexico

    26. GEO 660 group studying Delaware Basin sands

    27. Emerging Scholars collecting samples for an exercise on surface water quality assessment in the Austin area

    28. Untitled

    29. Colin Sumrall

    30. Dan Shaughnessy points out a large rudist mound within Cretaceous Pipe Creek Reef

    31. Transgranular, sealed microfractures exposed by scanned cathodoluminescence imaging cut across quartz grains and quartz cement in a sample from the Travis Peak Formation

    32. Untitled

    33. James A. Gibbs

    34. Jack H. Mayfield

    35. Joan Blake and Joyce Best

    36. Chancellor William E. Cunningham, Jim Bob Moffett and Dr. Robert E. Boyer.

    37. William E. Gipson

    38. Pipe Creek plunge pool near Bandera, Texas

    39. Laura Thomson Barrow

    40. Tom Connally, Mike McKinley, and Dr. Alan J. Scott on St. Mary's Bayou, Colorado River Delta, Matagorda County, Texas, in 1975

    41. A group of friends at annual gathering, Thanksgiving, 1995, at the ranch of Pat Goodson in Terrell County, Texas April Wild (BS '90), J. Richardson, Mark Hemingway (BS '81), , Jill Harding (BS '84). Photo submitted by Pat Goodson.

    42. Sue and Milo McMurtray, October, 1995

    43. Julie Schiebl Moore, geologist/director of marketing for Transglobal Environmental Geosampling, Inc. in Solana Beach, California

    44. First term, summer field camp, 1934

    45. Second term, summer field camp, 1934

    46. John Skees, Jeff Ottmann, and David Levin at a 1977 Halloween party

    47. Fossil Forest, Lulworth, Dorset, England

    48. Alums and Emeriti at party hosted by Dwight and Linda Cassell, July 27 Photo: Left to right, front row: Kathy Ward, Marge Folk, Bob Folk, Dianne White, Linda Cassell, Brenda White, Betty Lee, Ruth Wilson, Jack Wilson. Back row: Bill Ward (accidentally cut off of photo), Dwight Cassell, Les White, Rex White, Louis Lee, Bob Pickens, Mary Ann Pickens.

    49. Untitled

    50. Pipe Creek plunge pool near Bandera, Texas Inset: One of many ammonite localities in England